SD Series, Digital Panel Meters

0.5” LCD Display, 1/8 DIN, Loop Powered c/w an Ultra Flat Case


  • Friendly front panel programming.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly calibration procedures.
  • Single input channel with dual totalizers for sub and grand total processing.
  • Smart digital filtering and programmable input averaging with averaging window for quick response time to large signal changes.
  • Three external inputs using contact closures for resetting totalizer 1, totalizer 2, or preventing programming changes.
  • One independent programmable setpoint.
  • Setpoint activated from input or selected meter function.
  • Setpoint hysteresis or deviation mode settings.
IIII [+] Model Specific Selectable inputs
  • Seven relay timer modes
  • Single 210 mA, 400 VDC solid state relay (SSR)
  • Relay latching
  • Manual relay reset
  • Programmable safety lockout to prevent tampering
  • Peak and valley retention
  • Optional NEMA-4 front cover
  • square root extraction


The SD-50X and SD-60XI are the ultimate advancement in ease of use from the company that developed the world’s first 4-20 mA loop-powered meters.

These meters offer such features as lockable front panel scaling and calibration, any 4 to 20 mA signal can be scaled from almost any two input values to display any required engineering unit of measure. A 4-20 mA input can display 50,000 or 60,000 counts. The 6th or 7th digit can be selected to display °F, °C or an inactive extra zero from a dip switch at the rear of the case.

With less than a 4 V loop drop, these meters can be inserted in the 24 V input loop excitation provided by the Lynx, Leopard and Tiger meter families. The optional 4-20 mA outputs from these meters can power several SD-50X or SD-60XI units as remote displays.

The SD-802 has a dual 8-digit display with a 5.5mm high dot matrix LCD, it can act as a totalizer. Two totalizers are available. The totalizer calculates the running total of a process signal being metered by accumulating an input process variable over time. It can also retain peak and valley (min/max) information and recall this on the front

n.b. Special meter inputs and scaling can be factory modified.

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  • The SD series has a matching DIN case style and panel appearance that is complementary to the Lynx, Leopard and Tiger family of meters, except the depth behind the panel is only 15 mm (0.59”)
  • It makes an ideal extra or remote display as it can operate either in conjunction with the 4-20 mA loop input or operate from the 4-20 mA analog output of most Leopard or Tiger meters
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  • Specifications
Literature and Technical Information
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Digital Panel Meters

++ SD-50X Specifications| Brochure (252 kB)
++ SD-60XI Specifications| Brochure (2.5 MB)
++ SD-802XAI Specifications| Brochure (3 MB)
Model: Texmate SD Series
SD-50X : 6-segment, 0.5” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
SD-60XI: 7-segment, 0.5” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
SD-802XAI: Dual 8-digit, 5.5 mm high, 5 x 8 format dot-matrix Liquid Crystal Display (LCD
Full Scale Ranges
SD-50X : Standard meter is adjustable to any Display Span between a max negative reading of -19,999 and a max positive reading of 30,000, max resolution (50,000counts), from any signal input span between 3.5 mA and 27.5 mA.
SD-60XI: -199999 to 999999
SD-802XAI: -9900000 to 9900000
All Models: ±0.02% of reading plus 2 digits
Temperature Coefficient
Typical: 30 ppm/ °C
SD-50X : Typically 30 ppm/ °C plus 0.1 counts/ °C for zero offset.
Power Supply
Power Supply: Designed to be powered from the 4-20 mA current loop input signal. Min input 3.5 mA, Max continuous input 100 mA. 3.4 volts drop, plus 20 Ω (equivalent to 3.9 V @ 20 mA). Typically load is 200 Ω.
SD-802AXI only: Series connection to 4-20 mA DC current loop. 3.4 volts drop plus 20 Ω (equivalent to 3.9 V @ 20 mA), plus 2.3 V drop if Single solid state relay (SSR) installed
Conversion Rate: 3 conversions per second (Typical)
Warm up time: 1 minutes to specified accuracy
Conversion Rate: 10 samples per second
Conversion Rate SD-50X: 3 readings per second
Polarity: Bipolar, Assumed positive, displays negative
Power supply: 120/240V AC, 50/60Hz. approx 2.5W.
Storage Temp: –20 °C to 70 °C.
Operating Temperature: –10 to 50 °C, 95% (non condensing)
Dimensions: 1/8 DIN, Bezel: 96×48 mm (3.78”x1.89”)
Depth behind bezel 15 mm (0.59”) plus 16.4 mm (0.65”) for right-angled Connector
Weight: 56.7 gms (2 oz)
141.7 gms (5 oz) when packed