MU Series, Miniature DC Volt Meters

3 1/2 Digit 0.315” LEDs in a 1/32 DIN Case


  • Quick, easy mounting into any panel thickness
  • Direct flush mount into mosaic panels
  • DC Volts Measuring
  • AC/DC Powered LED Meter


The MU-35 series of miniature, streamlined DC voltage measuring meters with built-in header selectable 2V, 20V and 200V ranges has been specifically designed to be easily scaled and calibrated by the user to almost any conceivable engineering unit: temperature, pressure, viscosity or flow rates, etc., without requiring component changes.

On-site scaling and recalibration is facilitated by multi-turn potentiometer that provide continuous adjustment within each of three header-programmable full scale ranges for span and zero offset. Display Hold and Display Test functions are also provided. The standard meters have a high efficiency red LED display. Green displays may also be specified. (See ordering information for available choices).

The MU-35 interconnects by means of a push-on screw terminal that is provided with the meter. A high quality, internally isolated, wide range, switching supply built into every MU-35 meter. This allows the meter to operate from a wide range of AC or DC voltages. (See specifications.) The isolation ensures that ground loop currents do not affect the meter stability.

n.b. Special meter inputs can be factory scaled.

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  • The MU-Series have a matching DIN case style that is complementary to the Lynx, Leopard and Tiger family of meters.
  • OEM’s choice for economical switchboard and process indication. For economy, each model is dedicated to a specific application and designed for quick and easy installation.
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Literature and Technical Information
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Digital Panel Meters

++ MU-35 Specifications| Brochure (326 kB)
++ MU-35CL Specifications| Brochure (330 kB)
++ MU-35MV Specifications| Brochure (315 kB)
Model: Texmate MU Series
Display: 0.315" High Efficiency, right hand side dummy zero available
Display Color: Red (std) Green (optional)
Overrange: input exceeds full scale on any range being used, most significant "1" digit & polarity symbol is displayed all other digits blank.
Full Scale Ranges
MU-35: Three built-in header selectable ranges of ±2V DC, ±20V DC and ±200V DC full scale
MU-35CL : Standard meter is adjustable to any scaling between –1999 to +1999 without component changes
MU-35MV: 50kΩ in 50mV range; 100kΩ in 100/200mV ranges
3 1/2 Digits: ±(0.05% of reading + 2 counts)
Temp. Coeff. : 100 ppm/°C (Typical)
Input Impedance: 1MΩ (minimum)
A/D Converter: 12 bit dual slope
Conversion Rate: 3 conversions per second (Typical)
Warm up time: Bipolar, Assumed positive, displays negative
Polarity: 250VAC/DC for all ranges
Power supply: 6V DC to 48V DC or 12V AC to 36V AC. Approximately 1.5 watts
Storage Temp: 0 to 50 °C
Operating Temperature: –10 to 50 °C, 95% (non condensing)
Dimensions: 1/32 DIN (Bezel 48Wx24Hmm)
Depth behind bezel (3.19”) 81mm Plus (0.38”) 9.5mm for connector
Weight: 312 gms (11oz)
397 gms (14 oz) when packed