SEW® Standard Electric LS110 Series

250° Switchboard Panel Meters

SEW Analog, Switchboard Meters Characteristics :
  • Ideal for OEM applications
  • Case and Composition : Acrylic Resin front and bakelite case
  • Four Stud mounting.
  • Accuracy : 1.5 % of full scale
  • Pointer : black, sword style pointer
  • For ranges higher than 20A DC, use external shunt
  • For ranges higher than 300V DC, use external Multiplier
  • For ranges higher than 5A AC, use external Current Transformer
  • For ranges higher than 600V AC, use external potential Transformer
Product Description:
The LS110 is an OEM, low cost switchboard meter, with an accuracy of 1% of full scale and a 250° arc that accomodates large numerals, along with a stepped division scale provide better legibility and lessens parallax.
Specifications :
Scaling: Customized to any scaling desired, from linear to specialized Cos Ø, square root distributions, with color applications for visual emphasis and to any desired engineering units.
Specific accuracies
Basic Accuracy: ±1% of full scale, basic accuracy class.
Rectifier Type Meters: ±2 % of full scale basic accuracy class.
Repeatability: ±3% for Pivot and Jewell
Position of use: Vertical (scale) standardor to specified angle or position
Full scale deflection: 250 °
Movement: Pivot and Jewel
In this design the coil and pointer are supported by polished steel pivots at each end which fit into jewel bearings. Pivot and jewel meters are recommended for high vibration environments because of the mechanism’s inherent stability and strength. Accuracy and repeatability are almost equal to the taut-band’s, and good performance from the pivot and jewel construction is the reason for its long popularity.
Case: Acrylic Resin cover, plastic meter body, Bakelite terminal plate. Four stud mounting.
Mounting: 4 stud
OverShoot: 20% Maximum
Response time: Above 50µA-2.5 sec. max.below 50µA – 3.5 sec, max.
Size: 110 mm x 110 mm – 79.82 mm Long
Operating Temp.: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Storage Temp: -10 to 50°C (14 to 50°F)
Relative Humidity: 95% (non condensing)
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