Rish CON-V Voltage Transducer Series

Digital Utility Voltage Transducer for Voltage Management Applications

Rishabh Rish CON-V Digital Voltage Transducer series


  • True RMS measurement
  • On-site programmable input voltage (CON-V)
  • On-site selectable output type (dc voltage/ dc current)
  • Single or dual output
  • Accuracy class 0.2 (IEC/EN 60688) for Power
  • 7 segment LCD display
  • RS-485 (Mobus) Communications
  • Wide auxiliary power supply (60V-300V) AC & DC
  • Output Response time <300 ms
  • DIN rail installation
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  • Measuring input: Current, sine wave or distorted waveform
  • Analog output (single or dual) – isolated analog output programmable on-site (voltage or current)
  • Programmable input/output
  • RS-485 communication
  • LED indication: Power on and output type output option 1: Red LED output option 2: green LED


  • Generation and Industrial applications – measuring power quantities and providing a proportional (real-time) analog signal
  • Manufacturing and OEM Applications


The Rish CON-V transducer series measures and converts AC voltages to DC process signals for direct input into monitoring systems such as recorders, data acquisition systems, panel monitoring instruments etc. The CON-V transducers process true RMS signals, providing accurate readings for signals that contain harmonic distortion. The input signal is converted into a load independent signal and the output signal generated is proportional to the mean root square value of the input voltage value.
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The Rish CON-V transducer series are available with an optional 7 segment LCD and keypad interface that allows the user to configure the transducer input on-site. The RS485 port allows the user to configure or read measured parameters remotely. These transducers are precision engineered to provide superior accuracy, reliability and are manufactured from the finest materials and components for long-term performance.
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Literature and Technical Information

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Signal Modifiers

++ RISH CON-V Series – Voltage Transducers
Model: Rishabh RIS CON-P Power transducer
Specific Accuracies
Voltage: ±0.2% accuracy
Measuring Input (AC Voltage)
Voltage (AC RMS) Transducer 57 V ≤ UN ≤ 500 V
PT Primary range: 57 V ≤ 400 KV
Nominal Frequency (FN) 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Nominal input Voltage Burden: < 0.6VA at UN
Overload Capacity: 1.2* UN continuously 2 * UN for 1 seconds, repeated 10 times in a 10 minute interval (maximum 300V with power supply powered for measuring input)
Measuring Input (DC Voltage)
Low independent DC output: Unipolar: 0…20mA, 4…20mA or 0…10V Bipolar: -20mA…0..+.20mA, 4…20mA or -10…0…+10V
Output Burden – DC Voltage output: (end value of dc output)/ (2mA) ≤ R ≤ ∞
Voltage Limit Under Load 1.25 * (end value of dc output) – with voltage output ≤30 V with current output
Response Time: 300 ms
General Specifications
Protection Class: II (Protection isolation, EN 61010)
Case rating: IP40 housing, EN 60 529 IP20 terminals EN 60 529
Case Materials: Lexan 940 (polycarbonate) Flammability class: UL 94 self extinguishing
Insulation Category: 50Hz, 1 minute (EN 61010-1) 5500V input versus outer surface 3700V input versus all other circuits 3700V auxiliary power supply versus outer surface and output
Mounting: Rail Mounting, wall mounting
Weight: approx. 04kg
Operating Temp.: 0 to 23°C to 45°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: ≤ 75% (non condensing)
Frequency Range: 10Hz …150Hz …10Hz
Ambient Tests: EN 60 068-2-6 (Vibration), EN 60 068-2-7 (Shock), EN 055 011[IEC 1000-4-2/-3/-4-6] Electro-magnetic compatibility, EN 60 068-2-1/-2/-3 cold, dry, damp heat