Rish CON SI-102 Isolating Amplifier

Powerful Single Channel DC Signal Isolator
Rishabh Rish CON-SI-101 Signal Isolator Series


  • I/P 20mA or 10V & O/P 20mA or 10Vdc
  • Isolation between Input, Output & Power Supply:
    • 2.3 kV between I/P & O/P
    • 3.0 kV between Power Supply & I/P or O/P
  • Accuracy:-0.2%
  • Output Burden:- 600Ohms @ 20mAdc
  • Output Burden:- 2kOhms @ 10Vdc
  • On-site selectable DIN rail & wall mounting
  • Universal Power Supply – 85…230Vac/dc
  • LED indicating the power on state


  • General applications – to electrically isolate a single input, output & power supply, providing 2 isolated outputs
  • Manufacturing and OEM Applications


Rish CON SI-102 are compact isolating amplifiers designed to isolate inputs,outputs and power supplies, preventing interference from spurious potentials. The Rish SI-102 has two electrically insulated outputs, obtained from a single input signal. This prevents interference between voltage, current or signal level. Dual outputs also solve grounding issues of meshed signal networks. It’s small size make it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Signal Modifier

++ RISH CON S1-102 Series – Voltage Transducers
Model: Rishabh RIS CON SI-102 Signal isolator
Specific Accuracies
Basic: Limit error <±0.2% including linearity and reproducibility errors
Influence Factors
Temperature: ±0.15% per 10°C
Burden Influence: <±0.1% – current output
<±0.1% – voltage output
Switch-on drift: <±0.2%
Drift: <±0.3% /12 months
Measuring Input
DC Current ranges: 0…20mA
DC Current ranges: 0…10V
Measuring Output1 and Output2
DC Current Ranges: 0…20mA
DC Voltage Ranges: 0…10V
Burden Voltage: 12V
External Resistance: Rext. max. [kOhm]=12V / I (output scale full scale value) [mA]
Current Limiter @ Rext=0: Approx. 40 mA for voltage output
Voltage Limiter @ Rext=∞: Approx. 18 V for current output
Response Time: <50 ms
Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 60-300 V AC/DC
Frequency: 40 to 400 Hz
Power input: ≤2 W resp.≤4 VA
General Specifications
Over-Voltage Class: III for power supply
II for measuring input and output
Double Isolation: Power supply vs. measuring output
Power supply vs. all other circuits
Test Voltage: Power Supply: 3kV, 50Hz – 1 min.
Measuring Input: 2.3kV, 50Hz – 1 min.
OPT1 & OPT2: 500V, 50Hz- 1 min.
Protection Class: (Protection isolation, EN 61010-1)
Case rating: IP40 housing, EN 60 529
IP20 terminals EN 60 529
Case Materials: Lexan 940 (polycarbonate)
Flammability class: UL 94 self extinguishing
Mounting: Rail Mounting, wall mounting
Weight: approx. .2kg
Operating Temp.: -10 to 55°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: ≤ 75% (non condensing)