Rish CON SI-101 Isolating Amplifier

Powerful Single Channel DC Signal Isolator
Rishabh Rish CON-SI-101 Signal Isolator Series


  • I/P 20mA or 10V & O/P 20mA or 10Vdc
  • Isolation between Input, Output & Power Supply:
    • 2.3 kV between I/P & O/P
    • 3.7 kV between Power Supply & I/P or O/P
  • Accuracy:-0.2%
  • Output Burden:- 600Ohms @ 20mAdc
  • Output Burden:- 2kOhms @ 10Vdc
  • On-site selectable DIN rail & wall mounting
  • Universal Power Supply – 85…230Vac/dc
  • LED indicating the power on state


  • General applications – to electrically isolate the input, output & power supply,solving grounding problems in meshed signal networks
  • Monitoring electrical drives and battery powered (emergency power) systems
  • Manufacturing and OEM Applications


RISH CON SI101 is a powerful signal isolator suitable for a variety of applications. It operates passively and does not require a separate power supply, but derives the auxiliary energy it needs from the DC signal. The SI-101 amplifies and/or changes the signal level or type (voltage/Current) of the input signal. The Rish Con DC Signal Isolator can be used to isolate the 4…20 mA current signal from a 2-wire thermocouple transmitter or temperature controller, and pass it on to a PLC or data logger. SI 101 eliminates earth and ground loop problems and simplifies interfacing. The isolator complies with all the requirements for EMC and safety (IEC 61010).

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Literature and Technical Information

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Signal Modifiers

++ RISH CON S1-101 Series – Voltage Transducers
Model: Rishabh RIS CON SI-101 Signal isolator
Specific Accuracies
Basic: Limit error <±0.2% including linearity and reproducibility errors
Influence Factors
Temperature: ±0.15% per 10°C
Burden Influence: <±0.1% – current output
<±0.1% – voltage output
Switch-on drift: <±0.2%
Drift: <±0.3% /12 months
Measuring Input
DC Current ranges: 0…20mA
DC Current ranges: 0…10V
Measuring Outputs
DC Current ranges: 0…20mA
Burden Voltage: 12V
External Resistance: Rext. max. [kOhm]=12V / I (output scale full scale value) [mA]
Current Limiter @ Rext=0: Approx. 30 mA for voltage output
Voltage Limiter @ Rext=∞: Approx. 15 V for current output
Response Time: <50 ms
Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 60-300 V AC/DC
24 to 60 V AC/DC
Frequency: 45 to 400 Hz
Power input: ≤1.6 W resp.≤3.4 VA
General Specifications
Over-Voltage Class: III for power supply
II for measuring input and output
Double Isolation: Power supply vs. measuring output
Power supply vs. all other circuits
Test Voltage: Power Supply: 3.7kV, 50Hz – 1 min.
Measuring Input: 2.3kV, 50Hz – 1 min.
Protection Class: (Protection isolation, EN 61010-1)
Case rating: IP40 housing, EN 60 529
IP20 terminals EN 60 529
Case Materials: Lexan 940 (polycarbonate)
Flammability class: UL 94 self extinguishing
Mounting: Rail Mounting, wall mounting
Weight: approx. 04kg
Operating Temp.: -20 to 55°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: ≤ 75% (non condensing)