DSG3060 6GHz RF Signal Generators
c/w (LAN & GPIB Remote Interface)

6 GHz Amplitude with an accuracy of <0.5dB (typical) and output amplitude range of-130 dBm to +13 dBm

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  • The highest frequency: 3 GHz/6 GHz
  • Amplitude accuracy: <0.5dB (typical)
  • Output amplitude range: -130 dBm to +13 dBm
  • High signal purity, phase noise: <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical)
  • Standard 0.5ppm internal clock; 5ppb high stable clock for option
  • Standard AM/FM/ΦM analog modulation
  • Standard pulse modulation; on/off ratio up to 80dB;
  • pulse train generator for option
  • I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output
  • All modulations support internal and external modulation modes
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    • Standard 2U height design to save rack space; rack mount kit is available
    • Standard USB/LAN/GPIB remote control interfaces; support SCPI command set
    • Wear-free electronic attenuator design
    • Well-designed automatically flatness calibration function (Cables, attenuators, amplifiers and so on) for test
    • system with power meter control

Main Functions

  • Measured +13dBm output, Harmonics VS frequency
  • Measured SSB phase noise
  • Maximun output level VS frequency
  • Measured level repeatability at 6GHz,0dBm, ALC ON, 25℃
  • Measured 0dBm output level VS frequency
  • Measured 0dBm output, Harmonics VS frequency
  • Minimun output level VS frequency
  • Measured maximum output level VS frequency
  • Measured +13dBm output level VS frequency
  • Measured -60dBm output level VS frequency


Rigol’s DSG3060 RF signal source Series is ideal for Wireless communication, Radar test, Audio/Video Broadcasting,General purpose,Education and Consumer Electronics applications.
the DSG3060 offers standard AM/FM/ØM analog modulation, as well as options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The DSG3060 has a maximum frequency of 3 GHz and high signal purity with phase noise measuring.
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  • Specifications
Model: DSG3060 RF Signal Generators
Display Resolution: 480 x 272 TFT LCD
Size: 4.3”
Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 6GHz
Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
Frequency switching speed: <10ms[1] (typ.)
Phase offset: Adjustable in 0.01° steps (nom.)
Frequency Bands
Band Frequency N
1 f ≤ 23.4375MHz 1
2 23.4375MHz < f ≤46.875MHz 0.03125
3 46.875MHz < f ≤ 93.75MHz 0.0625
4 93.75MHz < f ≤ 187.5MHz 0.125
5 187.5MHz < f ≤ 375MHz 0.25
6 375MHz < f ≤ 750MHz 0.5
7 750MHz < f ≤ 1500MHz 1
8 1500MHz < f ≤ 3000MHz 2
9 3000MHz < f ≤ 6000MHz 4
Spectral Purity
Harmonics: CW mode, 1MHz ≤ f ≤ 6GHz, level ≤+13dBm <-30dBc
Sub Harmonics: CW mode
f ≤ 3GHz <-65dBc, <-80dBc (typ.)
3GHz < f ≤ 6GHz <-52dBc, <-70dBc (typ.)
Non Harmonics: CW mode, level>-10dBm, carrier offset >10kHz
f ≤ 1.5GHz <-65dBc, <-80dBc (typ.)
1.5GHz < f ≤ 3GHz <-52dBc, <-70dBc (typ.)
3GHz < f ≤ 6GHz <-52dBc, <-58dBc (typ.)
SSB phase noise: CW mode, at 20kHz carrier offset, 1Hz measurement bandwidth
f = 100MHz <-120dBc/Hz
f =1GHz <-108dBc/Hz, <-110dBc/Hz (typ.)
f =3GHz <-102dBc/Hz, <-104dBc/Hz (typ.)
f =6GHz <-96dBc/Hz, <-98dBc/Hz (typ.)
Residual FM; CW mode, RMS value at f= 1GHz
0.3kHz to 3kHz <5Hz rms, <1Hz rms (typ.)
0.03kHz to 20kHz <30Hz rms, <8Hz rms (typ.)
Setting Range
Maximum output level:   Specification level range
9kHz ≤ f <100kHz +10dBm
100kHz ≤ f <1MHz +15dBm
1MHz ≤f ≤3GHz +25dBm
3GHz <f ≤6GHz +20dBm
Modulation source: 9kHz ≤ f <100kHz -120dBm
100kHz ≤ f ≤ 6GHz -140dBm
Setting resolution: 0.01dB
Level Setting
Setting time: ALC state on, frequency fixed, temperature range: 20℃ to 30℃ ≤ 5ms (typ.)
Uninterrupted Range: ATT fixed mode, ALC state on, level range -110dBm to +13dBm >20dB (typ.)
Max. Reverse Power
Max. reverse Power: Max. DC voltage 50V
1MHz < f ≤ 6GHz 10W
Frequency Sweep
Operating modes; Step sweep (equally spaced level steps)
List sweep (the list of arbitrary level steps)
Sweep modes; Single, continuous
Sweep range: Full level range
Sweep shapes: Triangle, ramp
Step change: Linear
Number of points: Step sweep 2 to 65535
20ms to 100s 1 to 6001
Dwell time range: 20ms to 100s
Triggering: Auto, trigger key, external, bus(GPIB, USB, LAN)
Internal Modulation Generator (LF)
Internal Modulation Generator (LF)
Waveforms: Sine, square, triangle, ramp, sine sweep
Frequency range: Sine, sine sweep 0.1Hz to 1MHz
Square 0.1Hz to 20kHz
Triangle, ramp 0.1Hz to 100kHz
Resolution: 0.01Hz
Output voltage: Setting range: 1mV to 3V
Resolution: 1mV
Sine sweep: Sweep modes: Single, continuous
Sweep range: Frequency range of LF output
Sweep time: 1ms to 1000s
Sweep shapes: Triangle, ramp
Triggering: Auto, trigger key, external, bus (GPIB,
Amplitude Modulation
Modulation source: Internal, external, internal + external
Modulation depth: 0% to 100%
Resolution: 0.1%
AM depth uncertainty: fmod=1kHz <4% of setting+1%
AM distortion: fmod=1kHz, m<30%, level=0dBm <3% (typ.)
Mod. frequency response: m<80%, 10Hz to 50kHz <3dB (nom.)
Power Voltage: 100V to 240V (nom.), 45Hz to 440Hz
Power Consumption: With all options 50W (typ.), max. 60W
Temperature Range: 0℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃
Humidity Range: 0℃ to 30℃ ≤95% rel. humidity
30℃ to 40℃ ≤75% rel. humidity
Storage: Flash non-volatile memory (internal); USB disk (not supplied)
Flash non-volatile memory (internal) 1G Bytes
Remote Interface: USB host, USB device, LAN, IEC/IEEE bus (GPIB)
Dimensions: 364 mm × 112 mm × 420 mm(14.33 in × 4.41 in × 16.54 in)
Weight: 6.4kg(14.1Ib)
With IQ-DSG3000 option 6.7kg(14.8Ib)
Safety: In line with EN61326-1:2006, IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IEC 61000-4-3:2002, IEC 61000-4-4:2004, IEC 61000-4-5:2001, IEC 61000-4-6:2003, IEC 61000-4-11:2004