Monarch Instrument Model DC-1200

Paperless Recorders

Monarch DC1200 paperless recorders
  • Menu selectable via membrane keypad. Scaleable ranges up to + four digits
  • Selectable input functions include: average, peak, valley or normal sampling
  • Engineering units – up to 3 characters alphanumeric
  • Program for normal or alarm/event triggered recording mode
  • User selectable password protection
  • Recording rates range from 100 samples per second to 1 sample every 10 minutes.
Data Storage
  • PCMCIA SRAM memory card up to 1 Mbyte
  • Internal 16K RAM recording buffer
  • Search data files by signal value or alarms.
  • Transfer data files to IBM compatible PC’s via serial communication port or external card reader
  • Data files for 2 channels including alarms and configuration files
  • Customize file names for each recording session.
  • Review historical information while recording in real time.
  • 4 alarm set points
  • Independent dead bands
  • 2 alarm contact outputs.
  • Latching or non-latching
  • RS232 bi-directional.
  • Modem support.
  • Real time data and data file transfer to IBM compatible PC’s
Product Description:
Monarch revolutionized the paper recording industry with the introduction of the cost-effective two-channel DataChart 1200 series of paperless recorders. Monarch continued this trend-setting pattern with the introduction of the powerful DataChart 3200. This recorder provided measurement, computation, display, recording and review of up to six direct and six computation channels. . Today this family of DataCharts is the most powerful, cost-effective, versatile, multi-channel paperless recorders available worldwide.
Features :
Input Signals DC Voltage: +100mV to +100V.DC Current: 0 – 1mA, 0 – 100mA, 0 – 1Amp, 4 to 20mA. AC Voltage: 0 – 1V, 0 – 260V 0 – 600V. AC Current: 0 – 200mA, 0 – 1Amp, 0 – 5Amp. Thermocouple: J, K, T, E. RTD: 100 ohm Pt 385. Pulse: 5VTTL, 3 – 12V isolated. Temp/Humidity: 0 to 50° C, 10 to 90% RH Input Accuracy.
Input Accuracy DC Voltage/Current: ±0.5% of analog full scale.AC Voltage/Current: 0.5% true RMS.
Input Resolution 0.004% of full scale.
Channel Capacity 1 or 2 direct.
Scan Rate Inputs scanned every 10 mSec (100 measurements/channel/second).
Isolation Voltage 300 Vdc (Input to Input; Input to Ground).
Common Mode Voltage 250 Vdc or peak Vac.
Common Mode Noise Rejection >100 dB, 50/60 Hz.
Normal Mode Noise Rejection >50 dB at 50/60 Hz.
Recording Rates 16 User selectable rates:Max: 100 samples per second . Min: 1 sample every 10 minutes.
Format Proprietary file structure. User file naming.
Storage Capacity PCMCIA Static RAM card – approximately 1,000,000 samples for 1 Megabyte card.
File types 2 channel data files, Alarm file, Configuration file, Multiple file names on a single PCMCIA memory card.
Display Type
Display Type 3 inch Backlit Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display.
Resolution 160 (H) X 80 (V) pixels. Display area 1.5 x 2.9 inches ( 5.8 x 10.9 cm).
Display Modes Horizontal graphics trending with real time digital values.
Display Update Rate Data display update rate selectable from 10 mSec to 10 minutes.
Display Windows Time/Date, graphic trending, storage status, system status, alarm status.
Operator Interface Membrane keypad for navigating the simple on screen pop up menus.
Buffer Browse Internal 16k buffer (RAM) enables real time browsing of historic chart data independent of recorded data.
File Browse Any data file on PCMCIA card can be browsed even while the unit is recording. File directory allows selection of different file names.
Power Requirements Standard: 105 or 230 Vac ± 15%, 50/60 Hz, 4 watts max.Optional: 24 Vdc ± 20% @ 4 watts max. 12 Vdc ± 20% @ 4 watts max.
Power Fail Protection Programmed parameters stored in non-volatile memory. Clock battery backed.Retention time without power >12 months.
Operating Temperature -10° to 50° C.
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH.
Input / Output Options
Alarm Contacts 2 isolated form C; 3Amps @ 250 Vac or 26 Vdc.
Remote Control Inputs 1 isolated input; User selectable as dry contact or 5 to 12 Vdc activated.Configurable for start/stop record, record speed.
Communications RS232 - ESD protected bi-directional with full hand shaking. Supports Modem.Serial Protocol – ASCII. Unit may be remotely configured.
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