Magtrol TM-TEST 5.0 Series

Motor Testing Software

Magtrol TM software

Product Information:

  • motor testing software windows
  • Current Release Release Date 5.0 / rev 1.01 05/11/2005

Product Description:

Magtrol’s new M-TEST 5.0 is a state-of-the-art motor testing program for PC (Windows® 2000/XP) based data acquisition. Used with a Magtrol Programmable Dynamometer Controller, M-TEST 5.0 works with any Magtrol Dynamometer or In-Line Torque Transducer to help determine the performance characteristics of a motor under test. Up to 22 parameters are calculated and displayed utilizing M-TEST 5.0’s feature-rich testing and graphing capabilities.National Instruments LabVIEWAn integral component of any Magtrol Motor Test System, M-TEST 5.0 performs ramp, curve, manual and pass/fail tests in a manner best suited to the overall efficiency of the test rig. Written in LabVIEW™, M-TEST 5.0 has the flexibility to test a variety of motors in a multitude of configurations. The data generated from this user-friendly program can be stored, displayed and printed in tabular or graphical formats, and is easily imported into a spreadsheet.Magtrol can also make custom modifications to the software to meet additional motor testing requirements. Sensor Input Measurement Temperature measurement—previously an add-on feature that had to be purchased separately—is now included in M-TEST 5.0. Up to 32 thermocouples or analog sensors can be read and monitored during a motor test. Heat rise curves on the bearings, windings and housing of a motor can be performed and air flow/exhaust efficiencies can be measured with an air tool or internal combustion engine. M-TEST 5.0, with its complete dynamometer control, even allows for sensor measurement while performing load simulation for duty cycle and life testing
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