Magtrol Rotary Transmitters

  Magtrol Rotary Transmitters

Product Information:

  • 1, 4, 8 or 12 channels
  • Speed: up to 40,000 rpm
  • Resistance: < 0.2 mOhms
  • Noise: 25 µV
  • Signal: up to 0.3 A per cell
  • 6 0 V AC/DC
  • Very low inertia
  • No slip rings (non-contact)
  • Insensive to electromagnetic disturbance
  • Long lifetime

Product Description:


Magtrol Rotary Transmitters are used for signal transmission of transducers on a rotating part (e.g. engine shaft) to a stationary system (measuring instrument or PC). They are exceptionally well-suited for the transmission of low level electrical signals, such as those from thermocouples, extensometer gauges and strain gauges, as well as transducers to measure oscillation and acceleration. RS Transmitters can also provide the power supply signal to each transducer.Magtrol’s RS Series Rotary Transmitters do not use slip rings and are therefore arc-free, making them superior to all other rotary transmitters that use rings, brushes, wire loops and similar devices. Easy to use, installing RS Transmitters is as simple as connecting a cable. They require no power supply, batteries, software or parameter setup in order to operate. Standard models have a speed range of 0 to 20,000 rpm and a high-speed version (up to 40,000 rpm) is available

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