Magtrol HPM Series 

Permanent Magnetic Brakes and Clutches

Magtrol HPM series permanent brakes Product Information:
  • Ideal for percise tension control
  • Preferred choice of nearly any material, web or strand
  • 5 to 600 Watts continuous
  • 20-4800 Watts for 5 min.
Product Description:
Magtrol Hysteresis Permanent Magnet Brakes and Clutches are ideal in applications where electrical power cannot be provided to a brake or clutch coil. While best suited to applications where fixed torque is to be applied, adjustable units can be made specifically tailored to the application. While typically provided as brake units, by the addition of an input shaft, the same unit can be used as a clutch. In a clutch application, the pole/case member becomes the drive element, and the rotor/ shaft assembly becomes the driven element of the clutch with torque being transmitted through the magnetic air-gap. Magtrol Hysteresis Permanent Magnet devices provide all the superior operating characteristics of smooth operation, precise repeatability and long life inherent in our standard Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches.
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