Magtrol Z Series

Load-Force-Weight Sensors & Transducers

Magtrol Z series sensors/transducers Product Information:
  • From 2 N to 400 kN
  • Admissible Overload: up to 150% of the nominal load
  • Overload at Rupture: 300% to 1000% depending upon model
  • Sensitivities: 1 or 2 mV/V depending upon model or optional output 4–20 mA / 0–10 V
  • Standards and certified accuracies
  • For tension, compression or both applications
  • For new and refited installations
Product Description:

The Load-Force-Weight Sensor family is a complement to Magtrol’s range of load measuring pins. These sensors can be used in different applications where the load measuring pin cannot be mounted. Our various executions and precision classes provide you with great flexibility for your application.Used with our load monitoring unit or signal conditioners, Magtrol Load-Force-Weight Sensors constitute an ideal load and weighing measurement system which continuously checks for defined loads and overloads.

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