Magtrol HD-800 Series Hysteresis Dynamometers

`Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometer HD800
Product Information:
  • 5 Standard Models with Maximum Torque from 100 lb·in to 500 lb·in (12 N·m to 56.5 N·m)
  • Hysteresis Braking System: Provides precise torque loading independent of shaft speed
  • Motor Testing from No Load to Locked Rotor
  • Accuracy: ±0.25% to ±0.5% (Full Scale)
  • Air Flow Sensor: For protection against over heatingand operator error
  • Standard Torque Units: English, Metric and SI
  • Base Plates: Available in long or short versions
  • Custom Dynamometers: For special torque and speed requirements
  • Easy Calibration
Product Description:
Hysteresis Brake Dynamometers (HD-800 Series) are versatile and ideal for testing in the medium power range (maximum 14 kW intermittent duty). With a Hysteresis Braking system, the Dynamometers do not require speed to create torque, and therefore can provide a full motor ramp from free-run to locked rotor. Brake cooling is provided by compressed air or dedicated blower depending on the model. All Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers have accuracy ratings of ±0.25% to ±0.5% full scale — depending on size and system configuration.To better integrate dynamometers into systems, Magtrol now offers both long and short base plates. The shorter base plate facilitates easier motor mounting when used with T-slot tables and Magtrol Adjustable Motor Fixtures, where as the long base plates are better suited for table top testing.
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