Magtrol Model DSP6100

High-Speed Programmable Controller

magtrol DSP6001
Product Information:
  • Two Channels: Enable the unit to support up to two testing instruments with independent or tandem configurations.
  • Built-in Alarm System: For power, speed, torque, temperature, air flow, water flow, electrical overload and external inputs
  • Torque/Speed Analog Outputs: For interface with a data acquisition system or strip chart recorder
  • Two Standard Computer Interfaces: RS-232 and IEEE-488
  • High Speed Data Acquisition: 120 torque and speed points per second via IEEE bus
  • (approx. 60/sec. via RS-232)
  • High Quality, Easy-to-Read Vacuum Fluorescent Readout: Displays torque, speed, power, auxiliary and PID (proportional gain, integral and derivative) values
  • Fast Full-Curve Data Acquisition: Free-run to locked rotor in seconds
  • Speed & Torque Operating Modes: Provide independent PID settings for improved Dynamometer control
  • Built-in Current-Regulated Supply: For use with Hysteresis Dynamometer only
  • Adjustable Torque Units: English, Metric and SI are standard
  • Dynamometer Overload Protection —
  • Digital Filter: Removes undesired noise from torque signals
  • Cross Loop Function: Allows closed loop control of brake via torque transducer
  • Programmable Digital PID Values: Controlled and stored via M-TEST software or controlled manually
  • Saving: Saves programmed values within configuration
  • Auxiliary ± 10 VDC Analog Input: For additional transducer
  • Single or Multi-point Torque and Speed Stabilized Testing: Via M-TEST software
  • Calibration: Closed box calibration
  • Rack Mounting: 19 in (482.6 mm) rack mounts with handles
Product Description:
Magtrol’s Model DSP6001 High-Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller employs state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing Technology to provide superior motor testing capabilities. Designed for use with any Magtrol Hysteresis, Eddy-Current or Powder Dynamometer, Magtrol In-Line Torque Transducer or auxiliary instrumentation, the DSP6001 can provide complete PC control via IEEE-488 or RS-232 interface. With 120 readings per second, the DSP6001 is ideally suited for both the test lab and the production line.
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