Magtrol DW Series Dial Weight Dynamometers

magtrol dial weight DW series
Product Information:
  • Range: Models as low as 0.5 oz·in full scale to 200 lb·in Full scale. Each dial weight dynamometer comes with three weights to cover the three specified ranges.
  • Calibration: Dynamometers listed show English calibration as standard. Metric scales are also available. Magtrol Dynamometers are certified to Mil-STD 45662A and are NIST traceable.
  • Variable Load Capacity: Load can be adjusted from no load to full scale through simple potentiometer control on power supply.
  • Torque Independent of Speed: Magnetically coupled hysteresis brake provides smooth torque application independent of shaft speed. This permits testing motors from no load to locked rotor or armature.
Product Description:
Model HD-700-1 Dynamometer with Model 5400 Speed Readout and Model 5210 Power Supply. The most important characteristic of any measurement instrument is repeatability and accuracy. The Magtrol Dial Weight Dynamometer uses the combination of a Hysteresis Brake and gravity to insure constant, reliable results. The brake torque rise is directly proportional to applied current. The calibrated weight system provides readings in standard engineering units through the use of multiple torque range scales provided on each size dynamometer.Magtrol Dial Weight Dynamometers are a lower cost alternative to our standard (load cell) Hysteresis Dynamometers. The dial weight dynamometers are easy to operate, provide repeatable and accurate results, and will operate for many years with minimal maintenance. A Magtrol Dial Weight Dynamometer System can only operate manually in an open loop mode.
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