Magtrol Model DES310 / DES311

Dynamometer Power Supply

Magtrol DES310/DES311
Product Information:
  • For use with Magtrol WB Eddy-Current and PB Powder Brake Dynamometers
  • Controlled current supply, with over voltage factor >5
  • Analog input for current set-point
  • Selection of nominal current
  • Control by digital inputs/outputs
  • General alarm provided by relay
  • 2 alarm outputs (temperature, electrical circuit)
  • Available in either 115 or 230 VAC
Product Description:

The DES 310 and DES 311 power supplies are suited to the entire range of Magtrol’s Eddy-Current and Powder Brake Dynamometers. To avoid any disruption of the surrounding electronic modules, the DES 310 / DES 311 supplies are fitted in an industrial housing made of extruded cast aluminum. This housing must be installed directly on the test bench, as near to the dynamometer as possible.The DES 310 / DES 311 supplies can be controlled by analog and digital set-points coming from an electronic peripheral, ideally from Magtrol’s DSP6001 Dynamometer Controller.


ControlThe Power supplies can be switched on by remote control. A stand-by command allows the dynamometer power to be activated. The excitation current is controlled by a set-point in the range of 0 to 10 VDC. The nominal value of the excitation current is adjustable by internal resistors or remotely. There are two digital outputs (alarms): one is an electrical fault indicator and the other detects overheating in the DES unit or the cooling water. If one of the alarms is activated, a general alarm is signalled by means of relay contacts. For applications with tandem dynamometers, the DES 310/ DES 311 units also control the power supply of the electromagnetic clutch.

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