Magtrol Model CTMS Starter Motor Testing Station

Magtrol Starter motor testing station


Product Information:

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Rack: with plug panel
  • Dynamometer Table
  • HD-800 Hysteresis Dynamometer
  • DSP6001 High-Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller
  • M-TEST 4.0 Motor Testing Software
  • 6510e Single-Phase Power Analyzer
  • Power Supply (830 A)
  • PC, Monitor, Keyboard

Product Description:


This CMTS is designed for starters with 12-volt DC motors, direct drive output for up to 12,000 rpm, up to 100 lb·in (11.3 N·m) and 750 amps peak current draw. Starter motors are very powerful for short periods of time and draw very high current.

In the front of the equipment rack, a three-position power lead plug panel is provided to select the appropriate current shunt for the most suitable measurement range.

This system is expected to have a second fixture added in the near future for testing high torque motors used to shift automatic 4-wheel drive transmissions into 4WD at the push of a button. Magtrol will then add a PB115 Magnetic Powder Dynamometer to the existing CTMS.

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