Magtrol CTMS Aircraft Motor Testing Station

magtrol ctms air testing stationmagtrol ctms air testing station

     Product Information:

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Rack: for housing all integrated electronics
  • Three Custom Dynamometer Benches: with noise damping, electrical interlocking and accessible connector panels
  • Fan Testing Bench: for measuring raw speed output of aircraft fan motors
  • Three Eddy-Current Dynamometers (with 600-bit speed pickup): one 2WB 65 and two 2WB 115
  • Four Hysteresis Dynamometers: HD-100, HD-400, HD-505 and HD-510
  • One Magnetic Powder Dynamometer: 1PB 115
  • Two DSP6001 High-Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controllers
  • M-TEST 4.0 Motor Testing Software: adapted to accommodate multiple power supplies
  • Two 6510e Single-Phase Power Analyzers
  • One 6530 Three-Phase Power Analyzer
  • Custom Motor Fixtures
  • Safety Guards
  • AC & DC Power Supplies (12 kW, 45 kW and 60 kW)
  • PC, 17” Monitor and Keyboard

This Customized Motor Test System is designed to test a wide range of electrical motors used on passenger aircraft. Motors to be tested include : flap regulator motors, hydraulic pressure regulator motors and air-cooling motors.

With three dynamometer benches, the system enables the user to test motors from 18 mN·m / 7 W to 600 N·m / 24 kW, with speeds up to 30,000 rpm. All three Magtrol dynamometer technologies are employed: Hysteresis, Eddy-current and magnetic powder and are utilized depending on the torque-versus-speed range of the motor(s) to be tested.

pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications
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