Magtrol CST 113 Signal Converter

magtrol cst113 Product Information:
  • Wide number of possibilities to select functions (polarity) and signal ranges (offset and gain)
  • Fast calibration in one displacement, with independent settings
  • Transducer supply current up to 80 mA
  • Easy to adjust on site: DIP switches and potentiometers
  • Plastic or aluminum housing
Product Description:
To complete your displacement measurement system Magtrol offers the CST 113 Signal Converter, designed specifically for transducers delivering a signal of 4 to 20 mA. Either a voltage-based signal (I/U conversion) or a current-based signal (I/I) can be chosen as the converter output, along with signal inversion if required. A large variety of offset and gain values can be selected, matching all sorts of specific applications. The use of micro switches (DIP switches) and potentiometers enable easy on-site adjustments and the independent settings make it possible to calibrate the CST 113 in one displacement, from the minimal to the maximum position of the jack.
A “transmission OK” output enables the electrical connection between the DI transducer and the CST 113 converter to be checked, thus allowing the system to be used in applications where safety is important. This operation is simply carried out by measuring the current coming from the DI transducer. An anomaly is indicated by the opening of the output transistor.
The CST 113 power supply input features a galvanic separation to electrically isolate the power supply ground from the measuring chain ground. The CST 113 circuitry is available with either a plastic housing, for mounting on a DIN rail, or housed in aluminum IP 65.
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