Magtrol AN 2000

Load Conditioners with Display

Magtrol AN2000
Product Information:
  • Input range: strain gauges 5–10 V, max 120 mA
  • Acquisitions per second: 16
  • Transducer Inputs: 1 to 4
  • Analog Output: 0–10 V / 4–20 mA
  • Relay Outputs: 2 or 4
  • Serial Output: RS 232C or RS 485
  • Functions: HOLD, TARE. PEAK, VALLEY
  • Power Supply: AC/DC
  • Input range: Strain gauges 5–10 V, max 120 mA
Product Description:
Magtrol offers the AN 2000 C which is designed to both process and display signals generated by strain gauge transducers. With its 5-digit, 14 mm digital display and front panel programming, the AN 2000 C is best suited for indoor applications involving load cells or load pins. The AN 1500 P Signal Conditioner features a 4-digit, 14 mm display and can be used directly with the LE Series Load Measuring Pins. If a larger display is required a GAC Series Remote Display (with heights ranging from 57 to 280 mm) can be used in combination with any Magtrol AN unit.
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