Magtrol Model 6200

Open-Loop Controller with Display

magtrol 6200`
Product Information:
  • Open-Loop Dynamometer Control
  • Built-in Pass/Fail Motor Testing Capability
  • RS-232 and IEEE-488 Interfaces
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition: 120 torque and speed points per second via IEEE bus (approx. 60/sec. via RS-232)
  • High-Quality, Easy-to-Read Vacuum Fluorescent Readout: Displays torque, speed, power and auxiliary values
  • Current-Regulated Supply: Provides up to 1 amp output
  • Adjustable Torque Units: English, Metric and SI are standard
  • Dynamometer Overload Protection
  • Internal Data Storage: Up to 100 data points
  • Auxiliary ± 5 VDC Analog Input: For additional transducer
  • Closed Box Calibration
  • Rack Mounting: 19″ (482.6 mm) with Handles
Product Description:
Magtrol’s Model 6200 is an Open-Loop Dynamometer Controller designed for use with any Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometer. The unit provides open-loop control of the dynamometer via an internal current regulated power supply. With a high-quality vacuum fluorescent readout, the Model 6200 displays torque, speed and mechanical power values of the motor under test. In place of mechanical power, it can also display auxiliary transducer readings via the ±5 VDC analog input. These displayed values can be stored internally or output via the RS-232 or IEEE-488 interfaces. Pass/Fail Motor Testing The Model 6200 comes with an easy-to-use motor testing Pass/Fail feature. This feature is ideal for quick Pass/Fail (Go/No Go) testing in production and incoming inspection applications. When the 6200 is operated in the Pass/Fail mode, one of three readings is used as the tested parameter: torque, speed or the auxiliary transducer. The two parameters not used are set with user-defined upper and lower acceptable limits. As the motor is loaded to the tested parameter value (for example, speed), the other two parameters (in this case, torque and transducer) are measured. Test results (for the other 2 parameters) are indicated with a “PASS” or “FAIL”, or the display can be toggled to show the actual values.
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