Magtrol Model 6100

Closed-Loop Speed Control/Power Supply

magtrol 6100
Product Information:
  • Closed-loop operating circuitry; PI Control algorithm
  • Requires optical encoder/electronics for speed measurement available from Magtrol
  • Highly visible digital speed readout (LED)
  • Adjustable stability
  • Variable speed control
  • RS-232 standard
  • Current regulated supply
Product Description:
The 6100 is a durable, variable, closed-loop speed control power supply governed by an adjustable proportional/integral (PI) control algorithm for unsurpassed stability in its class. Designed to work with a Magtrol Hysteresis Brake that is specially fitted with a speed pick-up, the 6100 functions as a power supply and also features an easy-to-read digital speed display.
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