Magtrol 5241 Voltage Controlled Power Amplifier

magtrol 5241
Product Information:
  • Exclusively for Magtrol’s Model HD-825 Hysteresis Dynamometer
  • Current Output: 0 to 5 A DC
  • Control Input: 0 to +3 V DC or 0 to -10 V DC
  • Power Requirement: 330 VA
  • Voltage Requirement: 120/240V 50/60Hz
Product Description:
he Model 5241 is a voltage-controlled power amplifier designed exclusively for Magtrol’s Model HD-825 Hysteresis Dynamometer. Because of its double braking system, the HD-825 requires more than 4 amps of power in order to reach full torque. The 5241 (which can provide up to 5 amps of output current) is necessary in order to amplify the power between a 6200 or DSP6001 Controller (which both have a maximum current output of 1 amp) and the HD-825 Dynamometer.
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