Magtrol Model 3410 Torque Display

magtrol 3400
Product Information:
  • For use with all Magtrol TM / TMHS / TMB In-Line Torque Transducers and TF Torque Flange Sensors
  • High Quality, Easy-to-Read Vacuum Fluorescent Readout: Displays torque, speed and power
  • Adjustable English, Metric and SI Torque Units
  • Isolated RS-232 Interface
  • Torque and Speed Outputs
  • BITE: Built-In Test Equipment
  • Overload Indication
  • Tare Function
  • Closed Box Calibration
  • Includes Magtrol Torque Softwarey
Product Description:
Magtrol’s Model 3410 Torque Display is designed for use with all TM, TMHS, TMB and TF Torque Transducers. This easy-to-use device powers the torque meter and utilizes high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to display torque, speed and mechanical power. It includes a tare function to help offset any slight residuals caused by couplings or suspended loads. The 3410 may also be used with sensors requiring 24 VDC power (400 mA max.) and have ± 5 VDC torque output (± 10 VDC max.) and TTL speed output.
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications
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