Jewell Instruments/Modutec BL Series

Isolated Power, Big Little Digital Panel Meters

 Jewell BL, Isolated power Series, Digital Panel Meters
Characteristics :
  • Ideal for line monitoring
  • Value priced
  • Low power consumption
  • Input signal can be used to power meters
  • 3 1/2 digit readout, full scale 1999 display
  • 1/2″ high digits on a high contrast LCD
  • Auto-polarity (-) displayed
  • User selectable decimal points
  • Choice of ±200mV, ±2V, 20V, ±200V, 5 , 50 AAC, Thermocouple, RTD or Frequency
  • Choice of 10. 15, 20, , 32 VDC or 115VAC and 240VAC power options
Product Description:

The Jewell BL Digital panel meter gives you all the functionality you need with none of the extras you don’t need. That means simplicity, easy readability, small footprint, and a low cost. The MODUTEC BL is easy-to-read and provides a variety of indicators all in a compact unit. Ease of assembly is one of the BL’s most valuable benefits.

Specifications :
Display: 3 1/2 digits, 7 segments Non-Backlit LCD (1999)
Digit height: 0.5” high digits
Polarity: Automatic (-) displayed
Decimal Point: Three positions, external selection
Overload: Three lower digits blank for readings greater than 1999 counts
Low Battery: “Low Bat” annunciator for <7.2V (9V power only)
Backlighting Options
• Positive Green Black on Green Background
• Negative Green Green on Black Background
• Positive Red Black on Red Background
• Negative Red Red on Black Background
• Non-Backlit LCD Black on Grey Background
200mVDC & 2VDC ±(.1% +1 count) typical ±(.2% +1 count) max.
20VDC & 200VDC ±(.1% +1 count) typical ±(.2% +1 count) max
DC Current ±(.1% +1 count) typical ±(.2% +1 count) max.
Universal Selectable Process ±(.5% +2 counts)
AC Voltage ±(.5% + 1 count)
5A AC Current ±(.5% +1 count)
50A AC Current ±(.5% +5 counts)
Frequency Inputs ±.2Hz (40 to 70Hz) ±.5Hz (above 70Hz) ±1Hz
Type J thermocouple ±(.1% +1 count) accuracy ±1.3°C (2.8°F) conformity error
Type K thermocouple ±(.1% +1 count) accuracy ±1.2°C (2.5°F)
Type T thermocouple ±(.1% +1 count) accuracy ±1.5°C (3.5°F) conformity error
RDT -200°F to +600° F ±(.2% + 1 count) max
RDT -100.0°F to +199.9°F ±(.2% + 1 count) max
Conversion Rate: 2.5 per second
Normal Mode Voltage Range: ≥40db 50Hz-60Hz
Common Mode Rejection: ≥100db 50Hz-60Hz(except isolated DC powered which is ≥80db 50Hz-60hz)
Zero Adjust: Automatic
Temp. Coef: 200 PPM/°C typical (except thermocouple inputs which are .1°/degree)
Power Options:
115V +10%, -15% 50Hz to 400Hz at 2VA
230V +10%, -15% 50Hz to 400Hz at 2VA
10 to 15VDC or 20 to 32VDC 150mA (including backlighting)
FCC: Complies with the class B Limits of FCC rules and regulations part 15,sub-part J for conducted and radiated emissions.
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Storage: -20°C to 70°C
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifcations