• GE/ITI Transformers

95/FT/RT Series

Transformer Multi-Circuit Switches & Instrument Control


  • Circuit Breaker Control
  • Motor Control
  • Voltmeter Selector and Transfer
  • Ammeter Selector and Transfer
  • Volt-Ammeter Selector and Transfer
  • Wattmeter Selector and Transfer
  • Synchroscope Control
  • Control Selector Switch Applications
  • UL Recognized (US & Canada)
  • NEMA Class A Insulating Material (105 C)
  • 600 V AC Rated


The series 95 Instrument and Control Switches area heavy duty rotary switch that satisfies the most demanding requirements of the Industrial Control and Power Applications. These switches are 600 VAC rated and are recognized by Underwriters Laboratory in the US and Canada. Also, included in this section are Lock-Out Relay Switches, Lighted Escutcheon Plates, Type FT Multi-Circuit Test Switch and IKU Terminal Blocks

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Product Scope
  • Ground Fault Systems
  • Three Phase Voltage Monitors
  • Voltage Transducers
  • Current Transducers
  • Open Circuit Protectors
  • Capacitor Trip Devices
  • Literature
  • Specifications
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++ GE/ITI | General specification sheet (1.6 MB)
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95 Rotary Switches (pdf not available)
FT Switch FT Test Switches
RT Switch RT Rack Mounted Test Switch