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120V – 69kV Class Outdoor Voltage Transformers
GE / ITI 120V-69kV outdoor


  • Accubute™ high accuracy models complement contemporary electronic meter and relay technology — the right choice for upgrading total system performance
  • Improved equity in billing at all loads, especially light loads
  • Transformers for all metering applications including cogeneration
  • Designs easily meet or exceed ANSI standards


GE manufactures a full line of highly accurate, dry type (oil-free) current and voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor metering and relay applications. These products provide customers a means for transforming high voltages and currents down to lower levels that standard meters and relays can measure. Superbute™, GE’s robust butyl encapsulated epoxy designs for higher voltage and current classes, are known for their reliability. Accubute™ designs offer increased accuracy over a broader range of operation enabling customers to reduce their inventory of different ratios while upgrading the accuracy of their metering installations.

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ITI uses quality materials and innovative designs to achieve the best possible performance while maintaining competitive prices. All units are constructed with copper windings and grain-oriented silicon core steel. This construction provides high accuracy and low losses. All of our 5 to 34.5 kV instrument transformers are partial discharge tested in accordance with Canadian Standard C9-M1981 to ensure long insulation life. ITI has a strong commitment to customer service. We offer a level of service and engineering support unmatched by our competitors. Many of our products are made to suit specific customer applications. Our application engineering team is ready to provide solutions for your transformer needs.

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Model #pdf Description 1Ø Potential Transformers
467 Accuracy: 1%@ 5 VA ; Thermal Rating:40VA
468 Accuracy: 0.6%@ 7.5 VA ; Thermal Rating:75VA
460 Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2 X ; Thermal Rating:150VA
465 Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2 X ; Thermal Rating:150VA
475 Accuracy: 0.3W, 0.6 X, 1.2M ; Thermal Rating:300VA
456 Accuracy: 0.3WXM, 0.6Y ; Thermal Rating:500VA
450 Accuracy: 0.3WXMY, 1.2Z ; Thermal Rating:750VA
Model #pdf Description 3Ø Potential Transformers
2vt469 Accuracy: 1% @ 5 VA; Thermal Rating: 40VA / phase
3vt471 Accuracy: 1% @ 5 VA; Thermal Rating: 40VA / phase
3vt472 Accuracy: 1% @ 5 VA; Thermal Rating: 40VA / phase
3vt468 Accuracy: 0.6% @ 7.5; Thermal Rating: VA 75 VA / phase
2vt460 Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2X; Thermal Rating: 150 VA / phase
3vtn460 Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2X; Thermal Rating: 150 VA / phase
3vtl460 Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2X; Thermal Rating: 150 VA / phase
Model #pdf 10 kV BIL; 69-600V
JE-27C Accuracy: 0.6W, 1.2X ; Thermal Rating: 150 VA
JVM-0C Accuracy: 0.3 W, X, M, Y, 1.2 Z; Therm. Rating: 500/750 VA
JEV-0C Accuracy: 0.3 W, 0.6 X 1.2 M; Thermal Rating: 200/300 VA
JVA-0C Accuracy: 0.3 W, X, M, 0.6 Y; Therm. Rating: 300/500 VA