• GE/ITI Transformers

600 Volt Class Current Transformers

Wound Primary/Auxiliary Indoor


  • High accuracy at low currents
  • 4 kV primary to secondary isolation (wound primaries)
  • Models are available for metering and relaying applications
  • Some models have integral mounting feet or can be supplied with mounting brackets
  • Voltage Class: 600V
  • BIL Rating: 10kV(wound primaries)
  • Primary Current: 5 to 50 A
  • UL recognized – file number E93779
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of IEEE C57.13 Voltage Class: 600 V


Auxiliary current transformers are designed for connection in the secondary circuit of a main current transformer to change the effective ratio on meters or relays. Wound primary CT’s which are rated for the system voltage are available for primary currents up to 50 amperes. We also offer summation CT’s for summing up to six secondaries.

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ITI uses quality materials and innovative designs to achieve the best possible performance while maintaining competitive prices. All units are constructed with copper windings and grain-oriented silicon core steel. This construction provides high accuracy and low losses. All of our 5 to 34.5 kV instrument transformers are partial discharge tested in accordance with Canadian Standard C9-M1981 to ensure long insulation life. ITI has a strong commitment to customer service. We offer a level of service and engineering support unmatched by our competitors. Many of our products are made to suit specific customer applications. Our application engineering team is ready to provide solutions for your transformer needs.

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  • Specifications
Model #pdf Description 600V 10 kV BIL
190 ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz0.6 at B0.1 and B0.2, 1.2 at B0.5, 1.2 at B.09, 2.40.3 at B0.1 Thru B0.5, 0.6 at B0.9, 1.2 at B1.8
20 ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz,0.3 at B0.1 and B0.2, 0.6 at B0.5, 1.2 at B.09, 2.4 at B1.80.3 at B0.1 Thru B0.8
188 ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz, 0.3 at B0.1 Thru B0.8
20WP, 189 ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz, 0.6 at B0.1 and B0.2
81 ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz, 0.3 at B0.1 and B0.2
JAR-0C ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz, 0.3 at B0.1 Thru B0.8
JCO-0C ANSI Accuracy Class; 60 Hz, 0.3 at B0.1 Thru B0.8