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IT-M7700 series AC power supply well combines the two characteristics of intelligence and compactness. It adopts innovative material and achieves a hight power density in 1U 1/2 rack footprint, which increases the space utilization. The built-in waveform library and arbitrary waveform generator make it easy to simulate an AC power source. With efficiency up to 85%, the IT-M7700 is designed to test complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications, commercial electronics requiring low=profile, lightweight power sources with high power density, and IEC standards tests.

Applications: Commercial and military avionics, telecommunications, AC power simulation, manufacturing & process control, frequency & voltage conversion, IEC standards testing, ATE applications.

  • IT-M7700 Series

AC/DC Power Supplies

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III IT7700 AC/DC Power Supply 
ITECH IT7700 AC/DC Power Supply

IT-M7700 AC/DC Power Supply

  • High accuracy and resolution
  • IU 1/2 rack compact design for increased space utilization
  • Compact and standard size (1U)
  • Built-in AC power meter
  • AC, DC, AC+DC output modes
  • Adjustable voltage & frequency
  • Built-in rich waveform database including 3D THD & user-defined waveforms
  • Harmonic simulation function
  • Settable output start/stop phase angle
  • Instantaneous power interruption & interference simulation
  • GPIB, LAN, USBTMC, RS232, CAN communication interfaces