Hsiang Cheng® SMT Series

Digital Panel Meters, Temperature Relay Meters

Hsiang Cheng, SMT Series,  Temperature Relay Meters
  • Programmable, high accuracy Relay Meters
  • Potentiometer-Set, set-points
  • Four Hi & Lo settings
  • Wide input parameters & ranges
  • Output with adjustable time delay
  • 4 digits up to 9999 counts
Product Description:
space SM series are high accuracy (within 1 count) digital relay meters with dual 4 digits and Eight decade setters divided into 2 setting groupsf or Hi & Lo settings. These meters have wide range of process and power inputs and parameters to measure and control temperature.These high resolution digital meters have a four digit display up to 9999 counts with dual control outputs for setpoints – SPDT relay contacts with off and on-off control.
Specifications :
Accuracy (23 + 3°C): 0.25% fs ±0.5°C for temperature related inputs(Cold junction compesation error included)
Setting: (1) Hi & Lo set standard, Hi-Hi set optional(2) Hi comparator setting < meter input output relay energied (3) Lo comparator setting > meter input output relay energied (4) 4 digital decade setters for each setting (5) true digital process comparators
Ratio setting : PT / CT Ratio setting of 3 first effective digits, normal range 0-999
Stability : Temperatue < 100 pm per °C, 5-50°CLong term stability < 0.15% draft per year
Digits & counts: 4 digits maximum 9999 counts
Display : 0.56” super rate LED
Frequency: 40-400 Hz AC related metersSpecified range for frequency related meters
Response time : Analog conversion< 1 sec of average integration typically Digital conversion one sample rate per second
Input burden : ≥1 Megaohms for DC or AC voltage input sensing≥500 mV drop for DC current input ≥0.5 VA for AC current sensing
input Overload: Voltage maximum for 100V rms or 2 x full input which ever great current input2 times continuous, 10 times 2 sec., 25 times 0.5 sec.
Dielectric strength: 2KV rms 50/60 Hz 1 minute
Control output: (1) on-off control type(2) spdt relay contact output (3) capacity AC250V / 2A, AC125V / 3A, DC24V / 3A (4) time delay adjustable 0-30 sec. typically, 0-60, 0-120 sec. (5) output indication : led lamp energized in front panel
Impulse Voltage: 4KV 1.2 x 50 us common mode test
Operating condition Temperature range -10 to 55°C,0~99% RH non-condensed
Power supply: Standard AC 110 / 220V 50 / 60HZ ±15%, <5VAOptional DC 12V / 24V / 48V / 125V, <6 Watts
Applied rules and standards
Measuring & conversion: IEC 688
Dielectric strength: IEC 688
Impulse & Surge test: ANSI C37.90.1/1989IEC 255-3 (1989)
Adaptability-power system: IEC 0110
Measuring reliability: VDE 3540
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications