Hsiang Cheng ® SM Series

Potentiater Setting Meter Relay

Hsiang Cheng, SMA & SMV DMMs
  • Multi-turns Potentiometer setting
  • Dual Hi&Lo setting
  • Wide input parameters & ranges
  • Output with adjustable time delayer
  • 4 digits up to 9999 counts
Product Description:
space Model SM series are a Potentiometer setting meter relays with dual Hi & Lo setting.

The setters are used multi-turns resistive potentiometers as preset buffers which setting able to be read directly in display for switch selection. The input functions of the units are of wide varieties & ranges, including many parameters of industry process and power system as DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, DC rate, temerature, Frequency, Speed, Load cell as standard products. For wide application, with some external transducers, the series can be extended to a wider field application as watt, var, power factor & etc.

The unit provides four digits display up to 9999 counts with find resolution & the displays are of high rate-super bringhtness LED, 0.56” size.

Dual control outputs compliant Hi & Lo setting of SPDT relay contacts of an on-off control type. The outputs also comply delaying function adjusted 0-30 seconds standardly & longer requirement for 0-60 or 0-120 secs based on specified request. Dead band also an option availably is selectively & alternatively to time delayer. Special design in meter front of an open-door type, convenient to preset & protects setting to avoid undesired changes in field application.

Specifications :
Accuracy : 0.1% fs 2 counts for DC related input 0.25% fs 2 counts for AC related input 0.25% fs 0.5 for temperature related input (cjc. error included) 0.25% fs ± 1 counts for frequency related input
Setting: 1) Hi & Lo set standard, Hi-Hi set optional(2) Hi comparator setting < meter input output relay energized (3) Lo comparator setting > meter input output relay energized (4) multi-turn potentiometer for each setting (5) switchable display range for S1, S2 & M ( measured input )
Stability : Temperatue < 100 pm per °C, 5-50°CLong term stability < 0.15% draft per year
Digits & counts: 4 digits maximum 9999 counts
Display : 0.56” super rate LED
Frequency: 40-400 Hz AC related metersSpecified range for frequency related meters
Response time : Analog conversion < 1 sec of average integration typicallyDigital conversion 2 sample rate per second
Input burden : ≥1 Megaohms for DC or AC voltage input sensing≥500 mV drop for DC current input ≥0.5 VA for AC current sensing
input Overload: Voltage maximum for 100V rms or 2 x full input which ever greatercurrent input DC version 2 times continuous, 10 times 2 sec., 25 times 0.5 sec. AC version 3 times continuous, 10 times 30 seconds, 25 times 2 seconds
Dielectric strength: 2KV rms 50/60 Hz 1 minute
Control output: (1) on-off control type(2) spdt relay contact output for each setting (3) capacity AC250V / 2A, AC125V / 3A, DC24V / 3A (4) time delayer adjustable 0-30 sec. typically, 0-60, 0-120 sec. for option (5) dead band for option alternatively & availably to time delay (6) output indication : led lamp energized in front panel
Impulse Voltage: 4KV 1.2 x 50 us common mode test
Operating condition Temperature range 0 to 55°C,20~99% RH non-condensed
Power supply: Standard AC 110 / 220V 50 / 60HZ ±15%, <5VAOptional DC 12V / 24V / 48V / 125V, <6 Watts
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications