Hsiang Cheng® UFV & UFA Series

True RMS AC Voltage and Current Digital Meters

Hsiang Cheng, MA & MV DMMs
  • Digital setup for PT, CT ratio and auto range scale
  • AC true RMS conversion
  • Wide auxiliary power range AC / DC 30-250V
  • High overload capability
  • High accuracy of 0.2%
  • 4-1/2 digits
  • Display with super rate LED
Product Description:
space Model UAF & UVF and UFA series, are micro-base digital Meters than can be connected directly to any PT or CT ratio, and with autoscaling,make these meters versatile. The UF series is ANSI-IEEE, VDE & DIN-IEC compliant, providing full protection for surge & unusual overload input, assuring safe and reliable operation.
Specifications :
Accuracy (23 + 3°C): 0.2% fs, AC true RMS conversion
Input Range: UAF : 0-6A AC, 40-70Hz, 5A, 1A ratingUVF : 0-150V AC, 40-70HZ
Ratio setting : PT / CT Ratio setting of 3 first effective digits, normal range 0-999
Stability : Temperature range -10 to +55°CMaximum : < 50ppm / °C Long term stability < 0.2% drift maximum per year
Digits & counts: 4-1/2 digits -1999.9 counts maximum
Display : 0.56” super rate LED
Ratio Configuration set up: Digital setup in PT, CT ratioRatio range : 0.1~1999.9 Auto range in display reading to primary scale
Response time : Sample rate 1 of per sec typically
Input burden : 0.1 VA maximum
input Overload: UAF : current input3 x rating continuous……..10 x rating 30 sec 50 x rating 3 sec……………. 80 x rating 1 sec UVF : Voltage input Maximum continuous 750V rms, 1500V 30 sec
Dielectric strength: 2.5KV AC rms 1 minute, all terminals to case2KV AC rms 1 minute common voltage, between input to power terminal
Surge test: ANSI/IEEE C37.90-1989, DIN-IEC 255-4 / 1977IEC 801-4 / 1988
Impulse Voltage: 1.2 x 50us 5KV
Oscillating wave: 0.5us~100KHz 4KV & 1MHz~0.25ms 4KV
Operating condition Temperature range -10 to 55°C,0~99% RH non-condensed
Auxiliary power AC / DC version: AC / DC 30-250V < 3 watts, (40-70Hz for AC)
Applied rules and standards
Measuring & conversion: IEC 688
Dielectric strength: IEC 688
Impulse & Surge test: ANSI C37.90.1/1989IEC 255-3 (1989)
Adaptability-power system: IEC 0110
Measuring reliability: VDE 3540
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications