Hsiang Cheng Corp. ME, MDA, MDV Series

Digital Panel Meters,DC Flow Rate Panel Meters

Hsiang Cheng, SMA & SMV DMMs
  • Wide input ranges selection
  • Process monitor & remote indication
  • Available of 3-3/4 & 4-1/2 digits
  • High accuracy of 0.2% fs
  • Display with super rate LED
Product Description:
Model SM series are Potentiometer setting meter relays with dual Hi & Lo setting. The setters are used multi-turns resistive potentiometers as preset buffers with settings able to be read directly in display for switch selection. The input functions of the units consist of a wide variety & ranges, including many parameters of industry processes and power system such as DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, DC rate, temerature, Frequency, Speed, Load cell as standard products. For wide-ranging applications, with some external transducers, the series can be extended to a wider field application as watt, var, power factor & more.
Specifications :
Model: Digits Model Digits Model
Customer calibration of specified display range 3-3/4 ME 4-1/2 ME4
Defined input & display range of voltage type 3-3/4 MDV 4-1/2 MDV4
Defined input & display range of current type 3-3/4 MDA 4-1/2 MDA4
Accuracy (23 + 3°C): 0.2% fs
Stability : Temperature coefficient less 50 ppm + 0.5uV per degree C. Long term draft less 0.1% per year
Digits & counts: Maximum 3999 counts of 3-3/4 digits,19999 counts of 4-1/2 digits
Display : 0.56” super rate LED
Input Resistance > 10 Megohms maximum
Overload : Voltage : 2.5 rated or 200V rms which ever greatCurrent : 2.5 rated or 400 mA which ever great
Dielectric strength: 2KVrms / 1 minute, 50 / 60 Hz
Noise Rejection Cmrr: > 120 db for Cmrr, > 100 db for Nmrr
Operating conditions: -10 to 55oC, 0-99% RH non-condensed-25 to 70oC, 20-99% RH non-condensed
Auxilliary Power: AC version < 3.5VA, DCoptional version “20% < 5 watts
Applied rules and standards
Measuring & conversion: IEC 688
Dielectric strength: IEC 688
Impulse & Surge test: ANSI C37.90.1/1989IEC 255-3 (1989)
Measuring reliability: VDE 3540
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