Dylix Corporation ® GPW Series

Gauge Pressure Switches

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  • 0-2 psi to 100k psi
  • Solid State Switch
  • 2X Overpressure protection
  • NEMA 4X packaging
  • Stability less than ±0.5% FSO per year
  • Improved accuracy
  • External adjustments
  • All Hasteloy C-276 wetted parts (available to NACE)
  • Analog output / Digital display
  • Exotic materials available
space Product Description:

Designed for mechanical switch replacement. The GPW version of Dylix’s gage (or absolute) pressure transmitter is designed for mechanical switch replacement where ruggedness and reliability are required at a competitive price. The GPW is 100% solid state with no moving parts and is ideal for high-cyclical applications.

Wide pressure ranges available. The GPW is available from 2 psi through 100,000 psi through the use of Dylix’s BR, GX, GXR, or MR Series pressure modules.

Manufactured for low-cost of ownership Dylix’s GPW is built using advanced manufacturing techniques , along with automated welding procedures and extreme environmental burn-in to ensure excellent performance and reliability over time.

Solid-State Switch with optional analog output. The GPW’s DPST switch is rated at 1 Amp @ 60 Vdc and is available in fixed or adjustable pressure settings. A 4-20 mAdc analog output proportional to pressure is option

General Specifications :
12-38 Vdc
3 mA minimum
Optional Analog Output:
4-20 mAdc
Zero Balance :
±1% FSO
FSO Setting :
±1% FSO
Infinite (±0.001% FSO usable)
Response Time:
< 10 mS
Insulation Resistance:
1000 MO @ 50 Vdc
Power Supply Effect:
±0.002% FSO per V input
Internal Filtering
Switched Output
DC: 1A @ 60 Vdc
Adjustability: 0-100% of range
Static Accuracy:
±1% FSO* (BFSL, RSS)(combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis &repeatability)
± 0.15% FSO
Temperature Effects ± 1.5% FSO over comp range*(combined effects of Zero & FSO with reference at 70 °F)
Long Term Stabily:
±0.5% FSO per year
Compensated Temp Range:
0 to 170 °F
Operating Temp Range:
-40 to 200 °F
Storage Temp Range:
-40 to 250 °F
Pressure Ranges: 0-2 through 0-100,000 psiRange a: 0-2 through 0-20k psi Range b: 0-20k through 0-60k psi Range c: 0-60k through 0-100k psi (Customer may specify any range/eng. unit FOC)
Proof Pressure:
Range a: 2X FSO (30k max)Range b: 1.5X FSO (75k psi max) Range c: 1.2X FSO (150k max)
Burst Pressure:
Range a: Minimum 5X FSORange b: Minimum 3X (120k max) Range c: Minimum 2X (180k max)
Materials:Wetted Parts* Non-wetted Parts: 15-5 SST316L SST plus electrical connector
Pressure Port:
Range dependant
Electrical Connector :
NEMA 4X cable exit w/ 24” cable
20 oz
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