DEIF A/S DQ and EQ Series

90° Quadratic DIN Analog Panel Meters


Deif DQ and EQ Series, 90° DIN Meters

  • Full Line of Quadratic 90° arc meters
  • Interchangeable scales
  • Available in:
  • Mechanism
    • Moving coil – DC Applications
    • Iron vane movement – AC Applications
    • Bi-metalic Movements
  • Suspension
    • Taut-band – frictionless- ideal if subjected to shock
    • Pivot and Jewel- Rugged – ideal if subjected to vibration
  • Available in 48×48, 72×72, 96×96 and 144x144mm
  • Overload of 120% of rated capacity, continuous
  • Accuracy: DC ±1.5% of full scale
  • Tracking: ± 2% DC
  • Overshoot: ©˜5% of scale length
  • IP54 or Tropicalized meters available
  • Wide Range of inputs – to customer’s specifications
Product Description:
These high quality 90° quadratic DIN meters comply with DIN EN60051 (IEC51) requirements , with a standard accuracy of ±1.5% of full scale or better.The DQ series measures DC current or voltage, these moving coil meters are suitable for all D.C. systems. Scales are linear and customized to customer’s needs and specifications. For special high accuracy meters to better than 1 %, scales are hand marked and critcally calibrated to achieve the desired accuracy. High currents are measured with separate shunts and suitably scaled indicators. Suppressed, centre and offset zero models are available.The EQ series is designed to measure AC current or voltage, indicating t rue r.m.s. values and are substantially independent of system waveform. These ammeters can have overload scales x2, x3, x5 or x6 for motor start duty. Ammeters can be supplied for use with 1A or 5A current transformers, the voltmeters can be scaled for use with voltage transformers. Heavy damping is available as an option. Meters can be used to measure D.C. at reduced accuracy.Elapsed time meters or hours run meters monitor “ON/RUN” time of plant and equipment allowing the user to perform functions such as production efficiency, cost estimating and service period monitoring for preventative maintenance etc. The time is measured in increments of 0.01h up to 99999.99 hours after which time the meter resets to zero. Meters are non resettable to prevent accidental resetting. Maximun demand meters monitors the most economic use of cable, fusegear and transformers. The directly heated bimetal element indicates mean r.m.s. current over 8, 15, or 20 mins, and a red slave pointer shows the highest value reached. The reset knob is wire sealable. Scales are calibrated to match the C.T. primary plus 20% overload. Dual instruments can be used to measure a wide range of currents and voltages, and save both space and time by requiring only one panel cut-out. These meters allow for independent measurement of two DC or AC current or voltage in one case. Watt and Var meters self contained and are available to measure active power and reactive power in both balanced and unbalanced, single and 3 phase 3 or 4 wire systems. These Wattmeters are ideal for clear precise analog indication of power in applications such as power generation, industrial control panels and power distribution. These Power Factor Indicators are suitable for generators or supplies operating in parallel. The four quadrant 360° scale calibrated cos ø 0-1-0 indicates forward (export) and reverse (import) power flow for inductive and capacitive loads. Phase Angle meters indicate the phase displacement between current and voltage. Used in applications where the phase angle must be monitored, for example with tariffs having VAr penalties, or to optimise generator power delivery. The measuring system comprises a moving coil indicator and a phase angle transducer
Specifications :
Meter Types
Elapsed Time Meters
Maximium Demand
Dual Movement Meters
Power Meters, kW, kVar , PF
Phase Angle
Scaling: Customized to any scaling desired, from linear to specialized Cos Ø, square root distributions, with color applications for visual emphasis and to any desired engineering units.
Specific accuracies
Basic Accuracy: ±1.5% of full scale basic accuracy class.
Rectifier Type Meters: ±2% of full scale basic accuracy class.
Expanded Scale Voltmeters: 0.5% of full scale
Frequency Meters: ± .15Hz @45-55Hz and 55-65Hz, ±0.093Hz @ 58-62Hz, ±1.5Hz @350-450Hz
Zero Suppressed Meters: Errors at 20% suppression = ±2% of end-scale
Higher Accuracy: 1% or better of Full scale or better
Position of use: Vertical (position) standardor to specified angle or position
Full scale deflection: 90 °
Movements: Taut Band
The absence of friction resulting from this permits greater sensitivities and provides more rugged meters.Common failures of conventional meters subjected to shock testing are cracked jewels and/or blunted pivots.
Pivot and Jewel
In this design the coil and pointer are supported by polished steel pivots at each end which fit into jewel bearings. Pivot and jewel meters are recommended for high vibration environments because of the mechanism’s inherent stability and strength. Accuracy and repeatability are almost equal to the taut-band’s, and good performance from the pivot and jewel construction is the reason for its long popularity.
Case: Polycarbonate Plastic – metal casing available for special applications that require extra shielding
Cover: Glass window with black polycarbonate bezel
Mounting: Surface or DIN rail Mounting available
Moving coil Eddy current
iron vane viscous damping
Bi-metallic: Thermal, time-delayed, for display of mean effective values
Continuous 120% of rated value
Short-Term:Current Measurement Moving Coil10 x rated value, 5 s With rectifier:2 x rated value, 0.5 s
Iron Vane10 x rated value, 5 s40 x rated value, 1 sImax =250 A
Bi-metallic10 x rated value
Short-Term:Voltage Measurement Moving Coil2 x rated value, 5 s With rectifier:2 x rated value, 0.5 s
Iron Vane2 x rated value, 5 s
Bi-metallic10 x rated value
Overshoot: ≤5% of scale length
Response time: ≤2 s per DIN EN 60061-1Bimetallic -8 or 15 minutes
Power Consumption: Ammeters: 0.4 … 0.6 VAVoltmeters: approx. 4.0 VA
Bi-MetallicFor rated transformer current:1 A: approx. 1.6 VA(approx. 1.1 VA for BM 48) 5 A: approx. 2.5 VA (approx. 1.9 VA for BM 48)
Operating Temp.: -25°C to 65°C (-4 to 149°F)Tropicalized or IP54 sealed units available
Storage Temp: -10 to 55°C (14 to 50°F)
Relative Humidity: 95% (non condensing)
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