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Veeder-Root brand
The high precision accuracy required by timed process events make electronic timers perfectly suited to diverse factory automation and industrial manufacturing applications. Our electronic timers all feature a modern appearance, offer precise digital programmability and choice of LED or LCD display to meet virtually any production tracking or monitoring need. Rugged, reliable and available in many forms, they can be customized based on the type of time indicators, reset timer and repeat cycle timer varieties
III Model C628 – Counters, Totalizers, Rate Meters & ETMs
Veeder-Root Model C346 Digital Counter

C628 Batch Counters, Totalizers, Rate Meters and Elapsed Time Meters[1/8DIN]

1/8 DIN, preset & batch counters with large LED display that changes color based on process status, such as, exceeding the count preset, providing an instant visual response to an alarm situation

III Model A103 – Counters, Rate Meters & Totalizers
Veeder-Root Model A103 Counters, Totalizers and Rate Meters

A103 Counter, Rate Meter & Totalizer[72 x 36 mm]

Counters are amazingly compact, with a full complement of popular features. In addition to the preset counter models shown here, the A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate/speed metering, as well as preset-timer models

III Model C342 – Counters, Totalizers
Veeder-Root Model C346 Digital Counter

1/32 DIN Time Totalizer[1/32 DIN]

Compact tachometer available standard with choice of LCD or LED display. Choose from self-powered models containing a 7 year lithium battery, or from models accepting an external 12 – 24 VDC power supply. Externally powered units utilize a nonvolatile RAM to retain data during absence of power