A103 Series- Ultra- Compact Electronic Preset Counters

Cost effective Counter – Totalizer and Rate Meter
A103 Versatile Digital Counter, Totalizer, batch, rate meter and elapsed time meter


  • Matching totalizing counter, time and rate indicators and controllers available
  • SSR relay output—selectable normally-open or normally-closed operation
  • High visibility 7-digit LCD display with backlighting capability standard
  • Long life 3 Volt lithium battery eliminates the need for external power
  • Accepts input signals from a variety of sources: Dry Contact, PNP or NPN Sensors, Encoders
  • High speed and low speed count inputs
  • Resettable remotely or from the front panel
  • Programmable security of front panel reset button and preset entry
  • Option modules provide additional functionality and added convenience
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments


The A103 Preset Counters are amazingly compact in size and low in cost, with a full complement of popular features. In addition to the preset counter models shown here, the A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate/speed metering, as well as preset-timer models. All are in a uniform 36 x 72 millimeters bezel size package, enhancing your control panel with a family of devices that look and program alike. A supertwist LCD display with thick 12mm (.47”) high digits allows for easy viewing at a glance and feature display-backlight capability by simply connecting an external 12VDC supply. Powered by an internal 3 volt battery, the A103’s unique design has two battery slots; this allows battery changeover without loss of memory. Numerous types of inputs can be accepted giving you a totally self-contained system not requiring external power.

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The A103 Preset Counters are further enhanced by a series of quick attach option modules. These can provide a power supply for sensors and display backlighting, provision for high or low voltage AC or DC count signals, and mechanical relay output.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Counters

A103 Series

++ A103 Series, Digital Counters| Brochure (588 kB)
++ A103 Series, Data Sheet | (96 kB)
++ A103 Series, Rate- Totalizer Data Sheet | (96 kB)
A103 Digital Counters | Totalizers | Rate Meters | Elapsed Timers
Display: Supertwist LCD for use with or without backlighting
Digits: 8
Height: 12mm
Backlighting: Green Illumination over whole viewable area with a 10 to 28 VDC supply (Terminal 8)
High Speed Input (Terminal 2)
Type: PNP Signal or square wave pulse
Count Speed: 10 kHz max (50% duty cycle)
Logic: Low < 1.0 VDC, High > 2.0 VDC
Minimum Pulse Width: 45 μsecond
Maximum Input: 28VDC
Impedence: 15 KΩ to common
High Speed Input (Terminal3)
Type: NPN Signal, Contact Closure
Count Speed: 30 Hz max (50% duty cycle)
Logic: Low < 1.0 VDC, High > 2.0 VDC
Minimum Pulse Width: 12 ms
Maximum Input: 28VDC
Impedence: 1 MΩ to battery
Front Panel Enable Input (Terminal 5)
Type: NPN Signal, Contact Closure; level sensitive
Maximum Input: 28VDC
Remote Reset Input (Terminal 4)
Type: NPN Signal, Contact Closure; edge sensitive
Frequency Response: 30 Hz (50% duty cycle)
Maximum Input: 28VDC
Remote Reset Input (Terminal 6 & 7)
Type: NPN Signal, Contact Closure; edge sensitive
Load Rating: 0.1 Amp @ 30 VAC/VDC
Transmission Timet: < 5ms
Optional Modules
Modules: AC Power supply
Low voltage input
High voltage input
Mechanical relay output
Operating Temp.: 32 to 131°F, 0 to 65°C
Power: Single or dual 3V Lithium battery
Expected Life: 5 years typical-single battery if using AC power supply option module or external DC supply.
6 months if used alone with 50% duty cycle output. No reduction in battery life if output is programmed to "off" Low Power Indicator: "Low Bat" flashes on display approx. 2 weeks prior to end of battery life
Connections: Up to 8 screw terminals
Approvals: CE
Weight: 64 grams, 2.25 ounces
Mounting: Panel Mount (mounting bracket supplied) 33mm x 68mm (+ 0.3mm) panel cutout
Dimensions: 36mm x 72mm, 38mm deep