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Predetermining Counters
Veeder-Root brand
Electronic counters are digital electronic units with a variety of features and functions. Electronic counters can be single or multi-function units. Electronic functions may include: time indication (such as in time meters and clocks), or rate indication (such as tachometers).
  • Predetermining Counters
III Model V4545 – [1/16 DIN] High Visibility Counter
Veeder-Root Model SQC Preset Counters

V4545, High Visibility Counters

Able to accept inputs from a wide variety of sources including encoders, and scale those signals into meaningful units of measure, the V4545 Preset Counter is well suited for applications such as cut-to-length and filling. Dual input channels, which can be used for reversible or quadrature counting, enhance the unit’s versatility.

III Model A103 – Counters, Rate Meters and Totalizers
Veeder-Root Model A103 Counters, Totalizers and Rate Meters[72 x 36 mm]

A103 Counter, Rate Meter & Totalizer

Counters are amazingly compact, with a full complement of popular features. In addition to the preset counter models shown here, the A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate/speed metering, as well as preset-timer models

III Model C628 – Counters, Totalizers, Rate Meters and ETMs
Veeder-Root Model C346 Digital Counter

C628 Batch Counters, Totalizers, Rate Meters and Elapsed Time Meters[1/8DIN]

1/8 DIN, preset & batch counters with large LED display that changes color based on process status such as exceeding the count preset, thus providing an instant visual response to an alarm situation

III Model: C346 – Electronic Predetermining Counters
Veeder-Root Model C346 Digital Counter

C346 Programmable Electronic Multifunction Counter [1/16 DIN]

The Veeder-Root Brand C346 is a full-featured preset counter that can be field configured to perform as a rate meter or an elapsed time counter, both with outputs. Chose an LCD display or the industry’s only 6 digit, 48mm x 48mm preset counter with an LED or LCD display

III Model VC772 – VersaCount Multifunction Counter
Veeder-Root Model VCC772, VersaCount Programmable Electronic Multifunction Counter

VC772 Programmable Multi-Function Counter, Rate Meter & Totalizer [1/16 DIN]

Timing, counting, rate measuring, position indicating, volume measurement, speed monitoring, length cutting or batch, shift, pulse or piece counting – the VersaCount meets and exceeds your expectations. Fast input Frequency up t0 60Khz, for high speed counting and measurement