Predetermining Counters
7441 Series- High Speed Electromechanical Predetermining Counter

3 Preset/3 Output/1 or 2 Relay Depending on Model
Veeder-Root Model 7441 Counters | Predeterming Counters


  • Reliable operation at counting speeds to 1500/minute
  • Underwriters Laboratories Recognized
  • 5 figure count display and preset capability
  • Models for AC and DC operation
  • Compact size – 2" wide (50.8mm), 1" high (25.4mm)
  • Rugged, high impact plastic and stainless steel case
  • Unique preset interlock prevents accidental change
  • Form C (SPDT) output contacts rated at 1 amp.
  • Models available with electric remote-reset
  • Convenient plug-in connector


When panel area is limited, and functional simplicity is a key concern, the Series 7441 may be the best predetermining counter for the job. It counts down from a user entered preset value. Upon reaching zero, an output switch is actuated. Manual or remote reset restores the switch and preset value to their original condition.

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Setting a preset value into the Series 7441 is direct and easy, yet secured from unintentional change. Just press the reset button to its special latched position, then use the five digit-buttons to set the desired number on the display. If left latched, the reset button will automatically return to its normal position when the first count signal is received.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Counters

7441 Series

++ 7441 Series, Digital Counters| Brochure (44 kB)
7441 Mechanical & Electric Counters
Display: 5 Digit, Digit Wheels/Dial
Count Operation:
Count Modes: Unidirectional; adding or subtracting; directional input;
Differential operation, add / sub; Summation (Totalizing); add / add; Phase discriminator single, double or quadruple evaluation
Count Pulse Timing: 20 milliseconds minimum on- or off-time for DC operation, 25 milliseconds minimum on-time for AC operation
Reset: Manual pushbutton or electric reset, see models
Preset: Manual pushbutton for each digit; reset button must be fully depressed and latched to permit setting
Output Actuation: The internal SPDT switch actuates on the power-off half of the predetermining count cycle; the switch will remain in its position, and the count will stay at zero until the counter is reset
Function: One Preset
Operating Temp.: +32° F to +120° F (0 to +49° C)
Electric Reset Timing: 250 milliseconds minimum; 30 seconds maximum; allow 500 milliseconds after removal of reset pulse before applying count pulse
Power: Standard voltages are 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 24 VDC;
allowable voltage variation is ±10% or 10 volts, whichever is less
Power Consumption 6 watts count coil, 12 watts reset coil
Approvals: US-UL
Terminals: Plug-in connectors
Weight: 5 oz. (142g)
Mounting: Front-panel installation with tenter (frame) Front panel thickness max. 11 mm
Dimensions: 55.6 mm x 38.1 mm x 107 mm
facade: 60.8 mm x 47.8 mm