Totalizers Counters
7438 Series- low cost, Non- Reset Totalizers

Electro-Mechanical Counters
Veeder-Root Model 7438 Counters | Totalizing Counters


  • Broad range of standard AC and DC models
  • Base mount and panel mount styles
  • High contrast white-on-black figures
  • cUL recognized; CSA certified
  • Tamper resistant construction
  • Capable of speeds to 600 counts/minute
  • Thermo-stable materials used for long term reliability


High reliability at low cost. Frequently used in business equipment, vending machines, and metering instrumentation. Low power DC models are excellent for battery operated applications. . A quick-reset bar is featured in this series

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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Counters

7438 Series

++ 7438 Series, Digital Counters| Brochure (34 kB)
7438 Mechanical & Electric Counters
Display: Nonreset: 5, 6, or 7 digits
Digit Size: 0.160" high by 0.110" wide (4.1 mm x 2.8 mm) with 0.023" (0.6 mm) line width on 5 and 6 digit models
Count Operation:
Speed: 600 cpm
Voltage: Allowable variation is ±10% or 10 volts, whichever is limiting;
Reset counter with 115 VAC coil has allowable variation of 95 to 125 VAC
Maximum ON Time
(DC Models):
No limit. Coil can be continuously energized without damage
Maximum ON Time
(AC Models):
With 50% duty-cycle, 10 minutes maximum
Operating Temp.: +32° to +120°F (0° to +49°C)
Mounting: Base, panel mounting standard,
Materials: Wheels, pinions, and reset mechanism: acetal resin; Frame: glass filled acetal resin; Shafts, spring: stainless steel; Clapper: nickel plated SAE 1010 steel; Case: modified polyphenylene oxide
Power Consumption: 5 watts on 1.5 watts on DC
Approvals: cUL, CSA
Terminals: Wire leads, 12", #22 AWG
Weight: 4 oz. (113.4 g)
Dimensions: 55.6 mm x 44.5 mm x 60.4mm
cutout: 50 mm x 44.58 mm