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191 Series- Analog Pushbutton Electro-mechancial Reset Timers

Just set the dial and push the button to initiate an accurate time delay or interval cycle
Eagle Signal Controls 191 Reset Timer Series


  • Panel Mount, easy operation
  • Dial and Push-button operation
  • Time delay or Time interval to control load circuits
  • UL Recognition E61735, CSA Recognition LR27967


The Model 191 is a push-button start, motor driven timer with cycle progress pointer, double, make-double break snap action switch and is used to energize a load for a preset time period. The pushbutton is located in the center of the time set pointer knob on the panel mounted dial. When depressed momentarily, a mechanical latch and switch is engaged, starting the motor and timing period. After completion of timing, switch 3 and 4 open, 1 and 2 close, motor stops, and timer resets to setpoint. Timer is now ready for another timing operation.

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The standard timer has cycle progress and a 3 5/8 inch square bezel with window. The "01" feature does not include cycle progress indicator or bezel and window assembly.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Analog Electro-mechanical Reset Timer

191 Series

++ 191 Series, Percentage Timers| Brochure (58 kB)
++ 191 Series, Manual | (105 kB)
191 Digital Reset Counters
Display: Analog Dial & Knob
Time Ranges:
Sym Dial Range
02 16 Sec.
04 80 Sec.
05 160 Sec.
06 8 Min.
07 16 Min.
08 40 Min.
09 80 Min.
10 8 Hr.
11 16 Hr.
Voltage & Frequency:
Sym Dial Range
A5 120V, 50Hz
A6 120V, /60 Hz
B5 240V, 50Hz
B6 240V, 60Hz
Contact Rating:
input Contact Rating
Operating Temp.: 10° to 140°F (-23° to +60°C)
Setting Accuracy: 1% of full scale
Repeat Accuracy: 1% of full scale
Burden: 3 Watts
Approvals: UL Recognition E61735, CSA LR27967
Terminals: Motor: Loose leads, gauge – 6" long stripped 5/8"
Switch: 188 x 250 x .020 Quick Connecttabs
Dimensions: 92.07 mm x 92.07 mm, 88.9 mm deep