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  • Analog and Digital Reset Timers

Analog and Digital Reset Timers

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  • Timers
Eagle Signal Controls
  • Electro-mechanical reset timers
    Motor-driven timer with cycle progress pointer and dial. Just dial in an accurate time delay or interval cycle
  • Electronic reset timers
    Versatile easily programmable via front panel
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Reset timer are automatically actuated or can be manually actuated by a push-button . Eagle-Signal offers both electronic and electric reset timer products. An electrically started reset timer is typically applied when automatic control of process time is a necessity. In these cases, the reset timer runs through a predetermined cycle and then is either automatically reset or restarted by an outside source.
  • Reset Timers
III HP5 – CYCL-FLEX® Reset Timer
Eagle Signal Controls Electro-mechanical Reset Timers

HP5 Series CYCL-FLEX® Reset Timer

The HP5 CYCL-FLEX® series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX® plug-in housing.

III 191 – AB4 MANUFLEX Analog Reset Time Meters
Eagle-Signal 191 Series, Electro-mechanical Reset Timers

191 Series- AB4 MANUFLEX Digital Reset Time Meters(Electro-mechanical Timers)

The Model 191 is a push-button start, motor driven timer with cycle progress pointer, double make-double break snap action switch and is used to energize a load for a preset time period.

III Veeder-Root Model C628 – Digital Reset Time Meters
Veeder-Root Model C628 Digital Reset Counter

Veeder-Root C628 [1/8DIN] Digital Reset Timers

1/8 DIN, timers with large LED display that changes color based on process status such as exceeding the count preset, thus providing an instant visual response to an alarm situation