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HQ9 Series- Analog Percentage Timer

Adjustable timing as a percentage of overall cycle… ideal for heat control, machine lubrication, etc.
Eagle Signal Controls HQ9 Series - Percentage Timers


  • Panel Mount
  • Electrically isolated pilot light
  • Cycle progress pointer
  • Compatible with CYCL-FLEX® series featuring unique plug-in mounting
  • UL Recognition E61735 CSA Certification LR26861


The HQ9 Series Percentage Timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive "on" time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable. The HQ9 provides efficient control for many industrial applications. These include: motion control, electric heaters, ovens, program temperature controls, chemical feeding, and lubrication systems. Settings can be adjusted during timer operation.

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A synchronous motor driven cam closes a snap action switch for a percentage of the total time cycle. Settings may be made or changed with the timer operating. Relationship of switch transfer point at zero and desired interval is made by adjustment of the setting pointer. As the progress pointer passes zero, the load switch transfers. The HQ9 continues to operate as a repeat cycle timer as long as power is supplied to the motor. ON time is adjustable from 5% to 100% of the total time range. Load connections are made to terminals 4 and 3.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Analog Percentage Timer

HQ9 Series

++ HQ9 Series, Percentage Timers| Brochure (58 kB)
HQ9 Digital Counters | Totalizers | Rate Meters | Elapsed Timers
Display: Analog Dial & Knob
Time Ranges:
Sym Dial Range
01 15 Sec.
02 30 Sec.
03 60 Sec.
04 120 Sec.
05 4 Min.
06 5 Min.
07 10 Min.
08 15 Min.
09 30 Min.
10 60 Min.
11 120 Min.
14 20 Hr.
Voltage & Frequency:
Sym Dial Range
A5 120V, 50 Hz
A6 120V, /60 Hz
B5 240V, 50 Hz
B6 240V, 60 Hz
Contact Rating:
input Contact Rating
Operating Temp.: -10° to 140°F (-23° to +60°C)
Setability: ±1%
Voltage/Frequency:: 120V (+10, -15%), 50/60 Hz
240V (+10, -15%), 50/60 Hz
Burden: 4 VA max.
Approvals: UL Recognition E61735
CSA Certification LR26861
Contact Rating: 10 amps at 120/240 VAC
1/3 HP at 125/250 VAC
1/2 amp at 125 VDC
1/4 amp at 250 VDC
Cutout: 74.71 mm x 74.71 mm (mounting hole centers)