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HQ4E Series- Analog Percentage Timer

Economical, accurate percentage timer- adjustable for time of a fixed cycle… ideal for irrigation control, chemical injection
Eagle Signal Controls HQ4E Series Percentage Timers


  • Panel Mount
  • Settings may be made or set during timer operation
  • Designed for applications where ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable.
  • UL/CUL Recognition E61735


The HQ4E Series 48 Percentage Timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive "on" time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable. The HQ4E panel mounted unit has an exposed dial. The heavy duty front dial plate has 4 mounting studs for simple and secure mounting to panels up to 1/4 inch thick. The load relays are enclosed for environmental protection. Electrical connections are made to captive screw terminals on the rear of the unit.

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Percentage settings are made with a knob and a dial on the front of the unit. Settings may be made or changed with the timer operating. At 100 percent setting, terminals 2 and 3 are closed continuously. At zero percent setting, terminals 2 and 3 are open continuously.
Ideal for:

  • Irrigation controls
  • Chemical feeding
  • Program temperature controls
  • Electric heaters, ovens
  • Motor control
  • Lubrication system
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Literature and Technical Information

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Analog Percentage Timer

HQ4E Series

++ HQ4E Series, Percentage Timers| Brochure (58 kB)
++ HQ4E Series, Data Sheet | (105 kB)
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Display: Analog Dial & Knob
Time Ranges:
Sym Dial Range
01 15 Sec.
02 30 Sec.
03 60 Sec.
04 120 Sec.
05 4 Min.
06 5 Min.
07 10 Min.
08 15 Min.
09 30 Min.
10 60 Min.
11 120 Min.
Voltage & Frequency:
Sym Dial Range
A6 120V, 50/60 Hz
B6 240V, 50/60 Hz
Z1 24 VDC
Contact Rating:
input Contact Rating
Operating Temp.: 10° to 140°F (-23° to +60°C)
Setability: ±1% of total time cycle
Voltage/Frequency:: 24 VDC (+10, -20%)
120 VAC (+10, -15%) 50/60 Hz
240 VAC (+10, -15%) 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1.2 Watts
Approvals: UL/CUL Recognition E61735
Mounting: Panel Mount (mounting bracket supplied) 33mm x 68mm (+ 0.3mm) panel cutout
Dimensions: 88.9 mm x 88.9 mm, 78.75 ± .795 mm deep
Cutout: 69.85 mm x 69.85 mm