• Eagle Signal Controls

HK Series Elapsed Time Meters and Totalizer

Totalizes running time of electrically operated equipment…
synchronous motor driven models for display of hours, minutes, or seconds
VC772 Versatile Digital Counter, Totalizer, batch, rate meter and elapsed time meter and more...


  • Large, easy to read digits
  • Dust proof dial cover
  • Maintenance free
  • High impact plastic case
  • Can be mounted in any position


The Eagle Signal HK series are electro-mechanical time totalizers. A synchronous motor drives a set of digit readout wheels to indicate the total time the unit is energized. The HK4 have six digit-wheels, including a 1/10 digit on hours and minutes, provide a fine, wide range of time measurement. The HK5 have five digit-wheels and features a front mounted reset wheel. It can be reset to zero at any time during its operation.

IIII [+] Applications
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Computers and Office Machines
  • Machine Tool Lubrication
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Electrical Equipment Rental
  • Industrial Cost Analysis
  • Nuclear Control Systems
  • Recording Machine Down Time
  • Radio Transmitters
  • Literature
  • Specifications

Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Timers and Elapsed Time Meters

HK4, HK5 Series

++ HK Time Digital Totalizer – Elapsed time Meters| Brochure (45 kB)
++ HK Time Digital Totalizer – Elapsed time Meters| Manual (5.3 MB)
HK Series Electro-Mechanical Time totalizer and Elapsed Time Meters
Display: 5 or 6 digit, driven by a synchronous motor
HK4 Series – Non-reset
HK400: 99999.9 Min.
HK410: 99999.9 Hr.
HK420: 999999 Sec.
HK5 Series – Reset
HK500: 9999.9 Min.
HK510; 9999.9 Hr.
HK520: 99999 Sec.
Case: High impact plastic case
Optional Surface Mounting Box NEMA 1
Operating Temp.: 0° to 140°F (-17° to +60°C)
Burden: 3W max.
Approvals: UL Recognition E59290
CSA Certification LR27967
Weight: approx. 200 g
Mounting: Front-panel installation with tenter (frame) Front panel thickness max. 11 mm
Dimensions: 67.85 mm x 80.96 mm x 85.72 mm
2 43/64" x 3 3/16" x 3 3/8"