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MAX Tach Advanced Digital Rate and Draw Panel Meters – Tachometers

RATE and DRAW Indicator with Alarms
Eagle Signal Controls MAX Tach Series


  • Time Interval Measurement Technique
  • Dual High speed Rate Inputs
  • Automatic Averaging
  • Dual Programmable Calibrators on Rate inputs
  • Programmable Rate and Draw Display modes
  • Control Inputs (Unlatch and Disable)
  • Six Solid State Alarm Outputs
  • 4 Wire / 2 Wire RS-485 Provides LOCAL and REMOTE process Control Capability Modbus RTU protocol
  • Non-Volatile Memory (FRAM) for Programmed parameters
  • Built In Self- Diagnostics
  • Eight Alpha Numeric, 14 Segments LED display
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  • *Automatic and Manual Preset Sequencing
  • *Common Early Warn Preset Programming
  • Batch / Total / (*Cycle Reset) Reset input
  • Output Control (*Step Forward) input
  • Non-Volatile Memory (FRAM) for Counters & Programmed parameters
  • Built In Self- Diagnostics
  • Eight Alpha Numeric,14 Segments LED display


MAX Tach Advanced is a Powerful RATE and DRAW Indicator with programmable Alarms. MAX Tach Advanced features guided programming using English prompts and annunciators for easy setup and operation. Human engineering, high speed dual channel operation, advanced packaging and its ability to communicate make Max Tach Advanced is clearly the best choice for industrial Rate and Draw applications.

IIII [+] Key Features
  1. Eight Decade Display with Sign
  2. Two Selectable Rate Displays
  3. Selectable Draw Displays : A-B, A/B, (A-B)/A,(A-B)/B
  4. 0.2 Hz to 30 kHz Input frequency range
  5. Individual High and Low Alarms for Rate A, Rate Band Draw Measurements
  6. Alarms Programmable as Follows, Pulsed or Latched
  7. 0.005% Accuracy; 0.001% stability
  8. +12VDC @ 175mA Transducer Supply
  9. 85-265 VAC Operation (12 VDC Optional)
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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Rate Meters – Tachometers

MAX Tach Advanced Series

++ MAX Series, Tacometers| Brochure (1.2 MB)
MAX Tach Advanced Series
Display: Eight Alpha Numeric, 0.4" red LED
Annunciators: PGM, RT A, RT B, DRAW, A HI, A LO, B HI, B LO, D HI, D LO
Decimal Point: User programmable
Range: x.xxxx to xxxxx
Tachometer Operation:
Modes: Rate A, Rate B and
Selection: Front Panel selectable with UP and DOWN keys.
Input Rate: 0.2 Hz. Min to 30 kHz max. (30 kHz combined A & B)
Type: Dual 5 Decade, Range : 0.0001 to 999.99 individually programmable for A and B inputs.
Signal A and B Inputs:
Input Frequency: 0.2 Hz to 30 kHz max,
Input Type: Single ended, Current Source
Input Logic: x1
Input High Level: 3.25 VDC min.
Input Low Level: 1.75 VDC max.
Input Impedance: 1.0 kΩ to common
Input current: 3.25mA. steady state
Input Response: 10μs. min high and low time
Control Inputs:
Input Frequency: 0.2 Hz to 30 kHz max,
Input Type: Single ended, Current Source
Input Logic: Level sensitive
Input High Level: 10 VDC min. to 20 VDC max
Input Low Level: VDC min. to 2 VDC max.
Input Impedance: 4.7kΩ pullup to +12 VDC
Input current: 2.5 mA. Steady state
Input Response: 25 ms. make and break time
Control Outputs:
Range: 6 Solid State outputs, 100mA sink max., 24 VDC max
Assignment: (OUT 1) A LO
(OUT 2) A HI
(OUT 3) B LO
(OUT 4) B HI
(OUT 5) D LO
(OUT 6) D HI
Logic: Programmable for Following, Pulsed (120 msec.) or Latched.
Serial Interface:

RS-485 compatible (4 or 2 wire options with modbus support)
ModBus RTU
Selectable; OFF,1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 Baud

Enclosure: Plastic Moulded
Operating Temp.: -15°C to +65°C
Storage Temp.: -30°C to +85°C
Burden: Motor: 2.45 VA, 120 VAC
Clutch: 10.5 VA
Weight: 2 lb. 14 oz.
Approvals: CE
Enclosure: Plastic Moulded
Dimensions: 2.0” High x 4.0 Wide x 5.56”Deep
Cutout: 1.77”[ 45mm] x 3.62” [92mm]