• Eagle Signal Controls

MAX Count Series,16 Preset Advanced Counter

16 Preset Counters (Count 6)
Sequential 16 Preset Counters (Count 6S), with Batching and Totalizer
Eagle Signal Controls MAX Count Series, Preset Controlers


  • Simultaneous Counter, Totalizer, and Batching
  • “ON THE FLY” Preset Programming
  • A-B, A+B and Quadrature operation
  • Sixteen Preset, Six Decade Main Counter
  • Single Preset, Six Decade Batch Counter
  • Six Decade Background Totalizer
  • 4 Wire / 2 Wire RS-485 Provides LOCAL & REMOTE process Control Capability with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Six Decade Start Count Preset
  • Counter Reset, Stop / Hold / (*Step Back) Inputs
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  • *Automatic and Manual Preset Sequencing
  • *Common Early Warn Preset Programming
  • Batch / Total / (*Cycle Reset) Reset input
  • Output Control (*Step Forward) input
  • Non-Volatile Memory (FRAM) for Counters & Programmed parameters
  • Built In Self- Diagnostics
  • Eight Alpha Numeric,14 Segments LED display


MAX Count 6 Advanced’& ‘MAX Count 6S Advanced’ are powerful sixteen preset (*Sequential) Counter with a presettable Batch Counter and a Background Totalizer. MAX features guided programming using English prompts for easy setup and operation. MAX is clearly the best choice for Industrial counting applications.

IIII [+] Key Features
  1. DC to 20kHz Operation (10 kHz max. input frequency x2; 5 kHz Input Frequency x4)
  2. 16 Presets with ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ selection
  3. Five Decade Calibrator
  4. Seven (*Eight) Open collector Transistor Outputs
  5. *Three Programmable Inputs provide Eight Functions
  6. Programmable Output Hold Time xx.xx sec
  7. +12VDC @ 175mA Transducer Supply
  8. 85-265 VAC Operation (12VDC Optional)
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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Preset Counters

MAX Series, count 6 Series

++ MAX Series, count 6 Series, Preset Counters| Brochure (1.9 MB)
++ MAX Series, count Advanced, Preset Counters| Brochure (1.9 MB)
MAX Series, count 6 Digital Preset Counters
Display: Eight Alpha Numeric, 0.4" red LED
Annunciators: Eight Annunciators RUN, SET, PGM, PST, ON, OFF, OUT, AUTO
Decimal Point: User programmable
Range: xx.xxxx to xxxxxx
Main Counter:
Range: 6 Decades
Presets: up to 16 Individual with 6 decade range and ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ selection
Pre warn: Single six decade preset applied “above” and “below” the active
Operation: A-B, A+B, Quadrature
Count Rate: Open collector:20 kHz internal
(20 kHz external input frequency with x1 logic)
(10 kHz; x2 logic)
(5 kHz; x4 logic)
Contact Closure: 25Hz max. (With x1 logic)
Range: 5 Decade, 0.0001 to 9.9999
Operation: Calibrates Main Counter and Totalizer
* Cycle Counter: Two decade (1-16) indicating currently active preset
Range: 6 Decade
Operation: Totalizes calibrated input counts
Batch Counter:
Type: 6 Decades
Presets: 1 with 6 Decade range
Operation: Max Count 6: Count UP by detecting Auto resets of main counter.
Max Count 6S: Count UP by detecting last preset processed (Highest order).
Output: Fixed assignment (150 ms)
Control Outputs:
Range: Seven (* Eight) Solid State
100mA sink @ 24 VDC max.
Assignment: Outputs 1-6 have programmable assignment (OUT 1 to OUT6) to presets.
They may latch or trigger momentarily. The * Early warn (OUT7) and Batch (OUT8) outputs have fixed momentary times of 150m
Optional: 3 SPDT Relays, rated 10Amp 30VDC/ 120VAC Resistive
3.5 Amp 120VAC Inductive (0.8pf)
3 Amp 240VAC resistive
Serial Interface:

RS-485 compatible (4 or 2 wire options with modbus support)
ModBus RTU
Selectable; OFF,1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 Baud

Enclosure: Plastic Moulded
Operating Temp.: -15°C to +65°C
Storage Temp.: -30°C to +85°C
Burden: Motor: 2.45 VA, 120 VAC
Clutch: 10.5 VA
Weight: 2 lb. 14 oz.
Approvals: UL Recognition E61735
UL Recognition 71726 (Feature 92 only)
CSA Certification LR26861
CSA Certification (Feature 92 only)
FM Approval 15030
Enclosure: Plastic Moulded
Dimensions: 2.0” High x 4.0 Wide x 5.56”Deep
Cutout: 1.77”[ 45mm] x 3.62” [92mm]