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DZ100 MINIFLEX® Series Preset Counters


Solid state counter…housed in 1/8 DIN
Housed in molded NORYL® case
Eagle Signal Controls DZ100 MINIFLEX® Preset Controler Series


  • Housed in 1/8 DIN molded NORYL® case
  • Standard isolated double pole – double throw relay output
  • Factory assembly options provide "interval" or "delay" output sequences
  • All connections made through standard square base relay socket
  • Accessories available to convert into panel mounted configuration, including version with plug-in capability


The DZ100 MINIFLEX® is a solid state preset counter housed in a 1/8 DIN NORYL® case. The counter uses CMOS integrated circuits for the counting function. Counter output action occurs when the count total indicated by the front mounted thumb-wheel switches is reached. Standard units have an isolated double pole – double throw relay output. Interval and output sequences can be factory installed.

All connections to the DZ100 are made through a standard base relay socket. The DZ100 series are available as surface mount (standard), panel mount or plug-in versions.

IIII [+] Operation
The DZ100 sets to the selected thumb-wheel setting when power is applied to terminals A and B. Counts are applied to a count input terminal, and each count is registered on contact opening. When the registered counts equal the setpoint, the output changes state. The output remains in this state as long as line voltage is applied to terminals A and B. The unit resets when line voltage is removed from either terminal A or B.
A count inhibit input is available with the DZ100 series counter. When line voltage is applied to the count inhibit input, from either terminal A or B, incoming count pulses are not counted. The counter remembers count total at the time the inhibit is applied and resumes counting from that point after the inhibit voltage is removed. The count inputs may be applied from either side of the power line.
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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Preset Counters

DZ100 MINIFLEX® Preset Counter Series

++ DZ100 Preset Counters| Brochure (982 MB)
DZ100 MINIFLEX® Series, Solid state counter
Count Accuracy: 100% accurate for any count setting between 1 and 99
Count Speed: 600 pulses per min.
Pulse must have minimum 40 ms ON and 60 ms OFF
Reset Time: 50 ms
Cycle Progress: Pilot light ON during "COUNT" cycle
Cycle Progress: 200 ms max.
Power Interruption: Line voltage interruptions of 16 ms or less will not reset unit
Power On Response: 30 ms max. after application of line voltage to pins A and B
Operating Temp.: 32° to 140°F (0° to 60°C)
Operating Voltage/Frequency: 120 VAC (+10 -15%), 50/60 Hz or 120 VDC (+10 -15%)
240 VAC (+10 -15%), 50/60 HZ or 240 VDC (+10 -15%)
Burden: 120 VAC or DC, 1.9 VA max. relay output
240 VAC or DC, 2.5 VA max. relay output
Transient Protection: Performance unaffected by 50 microseconds, 600 V peak transients superimposed on line input
Sensor Power Supply: +12 VDC, 75 milliamps
Output Rating: Relay – 10 amp steady state
Mechanical Lifetime – over 20 million operations
Electrical Lifetime – contingent on load characteristics
Vibration: Unaffected by 2.5G sinusoidal vibration magnitudes in both directions of three perpendicular mounting axes imposed from 10 to 1000 Hz
Approvals: UL Recognition E96337
CSA Certification L26861
Enclosure: Plastic Molded
Dimensions: 1/8 DIN