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Eagle Signal Controls
Digital Timers and Controllers
Eagle Signal Controls [Products]
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  1. Time Totalizers/ Elapsed Time Meters
  2. Reset Timer
  3. Programmable Timers
  4. Single Function Timers
  5. Count Totalizers
  6. Position Indicators
  7. Preset Counters
  8. Rate Meters
  • Counters
Eagle Signal Controls

A preset/predetermining counter accumulates pulses that produces an output signal when its programmed pulse count is met. They are essentially totalizers that can control an external circuit when its counted total matches a preset limit.

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Electronic preset/predetermining counters require an input signal via a voltage source, impulsed through switch or relay contacts, a proximity switch, photoelectric sensor, or encoder. Relay and transistor output options are available.
III Max Counters- Count 6 and 6S Preset Series, Advanced Controllers
Eagle-Signal Max Series, 6 and 6S Advanced Preset Counters

MAX Series,16 Preset Counter

MAX Count 6 Advanced & MAX Count 6S Advanced are powerful sixteen preset (Sequential) Counter with a presettable Batch Counter and a Background Totalizer.

III SX Series – Preset Counter
Eagle-Signal SX Series, Digital Preset Counters

SX Series Preset Counter

The SX300 Counter is designed for a single direction count input from a solid state sensor or switch. The DC input versions will count up to 2500 counts per second. The AC input version will count up to 2500 counts per minute.