Thermowells Standard & Custom Made

Thermowells Standard & Custom Made
  • Standard for 1/4 ” stem
  • Heavy duty for 1/4 ” stem
  • Standard for 3/8 ” stem
  • Heavy duty for 3/8 ” stem
  • General Purpose standard (Limited space)
  • Socket weld series
  • Flanged Series
  • Van Stone types
  • Industrial Thermometers
  • Tappered flange series
  • 1/2″ diameters weld-in series
  • Special Design (Custom manufactured)
Product Description:
Conax Buffalo Technologies offers a full line of thermowells for applications from petrochemical to sanitary environments. Conax Buffalo Technologies thermowells are found in power plants, chemical plants, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, refineries, food service and pharmaceutical industries. From standard to custom designs, we can provide a thermowell to meet your requirements.
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